Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trader Joes!!!

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! This morning I went to Commonwealth Chapel for the first time in forever because I am hardly ever in Richmond on the weekends! And it was really fun because everyone that usually comes off and on came and we packed 6 people into Grace's car! So on the way to church I snacked on a Key Lime Larabar- probably my favorite kind!

Then after church Melony swiped all of us into Shafer hahaha! I was excited for free food until we got there and I remember how gross Shafer is! Especially on Sunday's they have "brunch" food so basically at the station that changes out food they just had eggs sausage and bacon- well last time I ate Shafer eggs I got pretty sick so I was not about to do that again! Then there was the hamburger station that just had greasy gross hamburgers that looked like they had been sitting out for hours! I decided against that too! So I went to the Vegan bar and made a semi wrap, they only had super tiny wraps so it ended up being more like a taco since i couldn't actually wrap it! I put on some hummus and sprouts and lettuce and tomatoes. They really didn't have much else to put on it but it was pretty good even though it was kind of boring! I also had an orange on the side that took more effort to attempt to peel and segment apart then it was worth.

After Shafer I took a much needed nap!! When I woke up I snacked on a Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheese stick and then worked on some of this take home midterm for my tutoring class and started writing some fake journal entries for my ethics class since my teacher decided she wanted to look at our journals that we have supposedly been keeping haha. Then when Kylin came home we went to Trader Joes! It was so exciting and I bought way more then I should have but I only spent $30!!!! So when I came home I had the teriyaki shiitake mushroom sushi that I got from TJs! It was pretty much amazing!
And for dessert I of course had a so delicious ice cream sandwich!
I think now I'm going to work on my take home test a little more! I think I'm going to try and finish it before I go home on Tuesday for Easter so I don't have to bring it with me since I have enough other things to do that week! Also the more work I get done before I go home the more time I have to bake all sorts of fun things! I've realized that my tagline at the top of my blog says I love to cook but I hardly ever cook things! Most of my posts are food from restaurants or real quick fix things! Well when I'm in Richmond I really don't have the time or money to cook as much plus I know that I won't eat all of it! When I go home my mom gives me her credit card and tells me to go to the store and buy stuff to cook for the family so you should all be very excited to see all the fun things I'm planning on making later this week!

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