Friday, February 20, 2009

Home for the Weekend

Hey guys!!! I am at home for the weekend. Since I have an amazing class schedule where my weekend comes on Wednesday at 11:20 I was home by 1:30 Wednesday afternoon! I sat at home for like half an hour then went with Rachel to Fair Oaks where she looked for a job and I got bubble tea and a sideways license!! The guy at the DMV didn't understand why I was getting a new license when mine doesn't expire for 2 more years. I told him I wanted a sideways license and he said I would just be back next week to get another new one because I would loose it in a bar. I wanted to be like I am 22 and the lack of sideways license has only prevented me from buying alcohol in Roanoke at Ashley's wedding where they have some crazy rules.

So I got home and tried to catch up on my Top Chef episodes. Then my mom called and was like can you cook dinner (this is what happens when I am home). So I made some amazing spinach mushroom risotto from Wegmans and mixed up a topping for the tilapia. Then my dad came home and cooked the fish because this is his awesome recipe. Its basically a couple tablespoons of butter, a couple tablespoons of mayo, 1/3- 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, and some spices- i threw in some basil, oregano, and garlic. This was sooo good! I think I would add some other kind of cheese into it to and it would be even better (like maybe feta!!!!)

Anyways it was pretty delicious and when I took a picture my dad said I better credit him for the amazing fish hahaha. So after dinner I watched Lost and Top Chef (where they kicked off Fabio my absolute favorite and I was so sad!!)

Yesterday I woke up and ate some cereal and then made a grocery list so I could make dinner for the rest of the weekend. Then I waited for my sister to get out of school so we could go get lunch and groceries at my favorite place- Wegmans!!!!!!! Wegmans is so amazing and you better believe you will hear more about its amazingness in the future of this blog! So Alicia was super disappointed because all through school she had been imagining the cream of crab soup that she was going to have for lunch. Well when we got to Wegmans at 2:30 the crab shack was closed because it wasn't "lunch time". So she was very disappointed and settled for some clam chowder instead. I got some shrimp and egg rolls from the hot bar with a sweet and sour sauce that had chunks of pineapple in it! It was so good I put it on everything! Then me and Alicia split an amazingly delicious chocolate chip cookie! Then we went grocery shopping and got all sorts of fun stuff!

For dinner I made an enchilada casserole which was nice because I didn't have to roll up the tortillas to make enchiladas which I am always really bad at! I just layered it all in a pan and it was pretty good. I've made a taco casserole with tortilla chips and I think I like that better. I forgot to take a picture but I'm going to eat leftovers for lunch so I'll take a picture then! So then for dessert during the Greys/ Private Practice crossover event we had. . . . . . . . . . . WEGMANS TRIPLE BERRY PIE aka the most amazing pie you will ever buy at a grocery store!!!I don't even know what to say to describe how delicious this pie is. My dad loves pie and really dislikes almost all store bought pies but even he loves this pie! So if you have a Wegmans near you- you should probably go buy it! It is worth every penny! So after I finished my pie I did my taxes- which was super hard because my dad was busy doing work and didn't want to help me! So I think I finally figured it out and should be getting like $270 back and I think it might actually come before spring break which means I can use it to spend in Florida!!! I am so excited for spring break and its only like 2 weeks and 2 days away!

So then for breakfast this morning I used the leftover tortillas from the enchilada casserole to make a breakfast quesadilla! I scrambled up some eggs and put them in the tortillas with cheddar and monterey jack!So the rest of the day will be spent doing homework because I've procrastinated enough! And then I'm cooking an amazing greek dinner tonight so I'm pretty excited for that too! So I will leave you with this picture of my puppy who was getting jealous of all the pictures I was taking of the food and not her!

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