Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hoedown Throwdown!

So yesterday was very busy!!! I woke up and didn't feel that great but I forced myself to eat some cranberry orange toast with almond butter because I knew I would feel worse if I didn't eat. I had to go meet with my group for my special needs class to work on our group presentation for next week. So I also made up a wrap to eat because I didn't know how long we would be working on it!
Then after we finished that I came home and packed up some more of my kitchen stuff and then went to go see the Hannah Montana movie!!! ahhh it was beyond cute! I love Hannah Montana but the movie really wasn't too much like the show but it was adorable! Anyways after that I came back and packed some more and did homework. Then somehow I got talked into going to see Benjamin Button! There is this new movie theater opening in Chesterfield and all this week they are showing like new on DVD or almost to DVD movies for $1 and they also have $1 sodas and popcorn. So I really wanted to see Benjamin Button but it wasn't until 10! So I finally decided that for the price of going to the Byrd I could see the movie and get popcorn and I really couldn't pass that up. However at the time I didn't know the movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long!!!! ahhhhh but once I found out I still decided to go anyways because I figured I could always nap after tutoring today! So I showered real quick and ate some Trader Joe's tomato basil soup. I didn't take a picture because I was rushing! Anyways it was pretty good but not as good as the Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque!

So after eating I drove to Maggie's and we drove to Sara's then we went to the theater. The movie was good but really too long, they could have cut out the middle and nothing too important would have been lost. The end was good- Maggie and Sara cried haha.

Waking up this morning was not fun. But I did it and brought a Chocolate Coconut Cream larabar to eat during the break between tutoring and class. This semester is almost over we only have one more week of tutoring left and then the next Monday we are having a party for the kids!
When I got back from tutoring I made another pizza for lunch! Once again with the spinach tortilla wrap thing, tomatoes, onion, sprouts, asiago, and also this time some goat brie and some shredded italian blend of cheese that I found in the fridge that I had forgotten about! It was really good!
So for the rest of the day I am going to pack up stuff into my car and do some homework and then I'm headed over to Maggie's to watch Lost!!! And then tomorrow I'm headed home again because I have a wedding to go to on Saturday!


  1. ugh i want to make a pizza. how do i do this??

  2. you just take a tortilla or wrap or something and then put whatever you want on it and put it in the oven at like 400 for like 8 minutes!


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