Monday, April 13, 2009

Bubble Wrap!

So the rest of today has not been very exciting. For lunch I made a mini pizza. I used a spinach tortilla wrap for the crust and then topped it with tomato, onion, sprouts, cheddar, asiago, and parmesan. It was pretty delicious but the tomatoes were too heavy so the middle sagged and kind of fell apart.Then a girl came to look at my house to decide if she wanted to move into my room next year. Well it turns out she is from Manassas and her dad use to be the pastor at my old church like forever ago! Its such a small world! So she seemed really nice and it would be super cool if she moved into my room, actually at this point it would be super cool if anyone would move in anytime over the summer so that I can stop paying rent. Anyways after that I did some homework and then went to class. Then I came home and for dinner I ate a leftover lasagna roll up and some fruit salad.

After dinner I started packing up my kitchen stuff. I knew I had a lot but there is even more then I thought! I've already packed up one big box of mostly just glasses, dishes, and other breakable dishware! I also spent entirely too much time wrapping things in bubble wrap, my plates and stuff weren't too bad but once I got to my glasses I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped them because I don't want them to break! So I think they are good, but I definitely am going to need to get some more boxes because I just filled my big one and I have one more medium sized scholastic box and one small scholastic box and the I'm down to Trader Joes bags, which are really only good for packing things that I just need to carry home, not things that need to be packed away until while I live at home.

So mid packing Rob and Bethany stopped by so Megan and I chatted with them for a while. I gave Rob lots of cookies to take back to his house so now I'm down to not a bazillion of them! I have just enough for Maggie and I to snack on while we go see Hannah Montana tomorrow!

After they left I did some yoga, however it is getting increasingly harder for me to do yoga as this semester is coming to an end. 1. I'm packing up stuff in my room so I'm running out of floor space. Everytime I want to do yoga I have to move stuff into the hall or onto my bed so I have room for my yoga mat! 2. It is high tree pollen season and my allergies are acting up! This means that I can't breath standing normally and I certainly can't breath correctly for my yoga! It is definitely the worse any time my head is down, like in child's pose which is suppose to help you relax and connect to your breaths! It is really annoying!

Anyways in other blog world news- if you would like to win a copy of the Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookbook then head over to Another One Bites the Crust and enter her contest to win a free copy! She makes cupcakes from this cookbook all the time and they always look so delicious! If I don't win her copy I might have go out and invest in this myself!

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