Monday, March 30, 2009


So I've been meaning to update this since last night when we got back to the beach but was too busy working on homework! Now I'm actually procrastinating writing my paper. So Saturday night in OBX we headed over to Duck to go to Sunsets by Fishbones a restaurant on the sound that has sushi that Maggie has always wanted to go to but her family never took her! We ordered 3 rolls of sushi and the brie in croute to split. I can't believe i didn't take a picture because it was so pretty and it was all so yummy! I looked on their website to see if they had any pictures but all I could come up with was this. Not exactly the what we had but you get the picture!
Also why we were there we decided to split a fishbowl drink! hahaha it was too cute to resist and it even came in a souvenir fishbowl! And it was pretty amazing!

Geez Maggie makes more appearances in this blog then me I'm just going to have to start taking more pictures of myself! So that night we had to fix the screen door because her dog put a hole in it! We did a pretty awesome job I bet her dad won't even notice the difference!

The next morning for breakfast I tried one of Maggie's strawberry eggo whole wheat waffles with cream cheese on it. I have to say it was pretty much amazing!
Then for lunch I tried this new asian noodle bowl. I usually eat the Annie Chuns noodle bowls but I thought the soy ginger sounded really good so I tried it. It was okay, there really wasn't a lot of sauce. I think I'll stick with my Annie Chuns. After cleaning out the house for people to start renting it we headed back to Richmond. Once back in Richmond I wasn't really that hungry so I toasted some of that awesome cranberry orange bread! I topped one with almond butter and the other one with some garlic and herb cheese spread that I hijacked from the beach house! (haha we had to take all the food with us or throw it away!)
It was pretty much amazing! I love that bread!! Also Jonathan came over with 3 cookies from Shields Market, he had brought one for him, Megan, and Kylin however Kylin wasn't there so I got her cookie! It was a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter chips. It was soooo delicious! Shield's Market has some yummy cookies, I'll prob stop by and get one before movie night tonight!
So today I woke up and went to my tutoring class. However the class my kid comes from had to go to the library and the teacher told us they were going in ten min but she would let us tutor the kids for 20 and just take them to the library! We usually get 45 minutes with the kids so basically we didn't get to do much today. I came home from tutoring and made a tuna sandwich and had a Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheese stick on the side! I love Vermont White Cheddar and when Sargento made the special edition cheese slices out of it it was the best thing in the world. Then they stopped making them but I just found these and I'm pretty excited about them!
So during my break between classes I wrote my reflection on today's tutoring and my lesson plan for Wednesday and then it was time to go to my ethics class. When I got home from that I cooked up a crab stuffed flounder from target. And had an orange along side (another thing grabbed from the beach house haha)
After I ate that I had a chocolate craving so I warmed up a vita-brownie and topped it with yet another beach house steal- whipped cream hahaha.
Now I'm getting ready to head over to Jonathan and Lars apartment for movie night! Last semester we had movie night every Tuesday. This semester everyone's schedules changed and we really haven't been able to do it at all. So we are calling tonight movie night back from the dead! hahaha After movie night I'm heading over to Maggie's because our hot water heater is broken!!! So I figured I would go over there so I can shower in the morning! And we are going to go to Whole Foods! I'm pretty excited even though I have no money but hey I have to buy food!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey!!! I'm sitting here at Maggie's beach house and it is raining! We are having fun anyways even though it is raining! We almost thought that we weren't going to get to come down last night because the key didn't come in the mail like it was suppose to. It turned out okay though because Maggie's mom called the rental agency and got them to leave a key in the drop box for us. So we started on our way, had to turn around and go back because we forgot the wrench we needed to turn the water on, stopped for gas, and then stopped in Newport News for some yummy Sonic! We got to the Outerbanks just in time to miss half of Grey's hahaha.

So this morning we woke up with no food in the house except for a few poptarts leftover from last time her parents were down here. So I had one of those for breakfast and then for lunch we went to Awful Arthurs. I got a cup of yummy lobster and crab bisque and a fried oyster sandwich! Oysters are one of the only fried things that I absolutely can't say no too. I remembered to take a picture of my soup after I had already eaten half of it and then forgot to take a picture of my sandwich!

So after lunch we went to the store to get some food for the rest of the weekend! Then we came back and lounged for a while and then took Maggie's puppy on a walk on the beach in the semi rain! hahaha it wasn't pouring down like it had been earlier but it definitely was still raining. Then we came home and I finished up my paper for my psyc class and then we had dinner! I made some bunny butts (Annie's Mac and Cheese haha)
And Maggie made stir fry! Maggie doesn't have a working stove or oven at her house ( i don't know how she survives!) So she was pretty excited to be cooking!
Corbin was hanging out with us in the kitchen- he probably didn't understand what we were doing because he never gets to see anyone cooking! haha
Now we are watching Twilight with the commentary from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and the director! hahaha It is pretty awesome. And of course with our twilight we made strawberry daiquiris!!!
I don't really know what we are doing for the rest of the weekend! Unfortunately it is raining and it suppose to keep raining for the rest of the weekend! But I remembered my camera cord so I will keep you guys updated!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cranberry Orange Bread!

Yay its the weekend for me! I don't know what I will do in the fall when I'm student teaching and have to be there all day every day! It is not going to be pleasant! So yesterday I went to target before my classes to pick up somethings for tutoring and while I was there I picked up some food too. I got this awesome cranberry orange bread, I think it was Pepperidge Farm Fruit and Nut along with some target brand yogurt haha. I have to admit I wasn't really expecting much out of this yogurt, I got it because it was super cheap and it had fun flavors but I really only like greek yogurt because I don't like thin yogurt. I tried it before I headed to my classes and it was surprisingly thick- not as thick as greek yogurt but I was still pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah and it tasted pretty good. I tried the key lime one but I'm pretty excited to try the strawberry cheesecake one too.

So anyways I have class on Tuesday from 4-6:40 and then a 7-9:40 so I have to bring dinner with me. So I made an almond butter sandwich with this awesome bread! It was so good and this will probably be my dinner next Tuesday as well!

So today for lunch I had to bust out that bread again because it was so awesome! I made a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar and goat cheese and it was perfect! I also think this bread would be really good with a turkey, apple, and brie sandwich like I got from Arby's the other day.

Now I'm sitting eating dinner. A bowl of the salmon chowder from a couple weeks ago. My mom froze up all the leftover and I took most of them back to Richmond with me after spring break and I've been eating it quite a bit lately.
So once Maggie is out of class I'm heading over to her house to watch Lost! Then tomorrow after her class we are heading down to her beach house in the Outerbanks for the weekend (finally!!) We don't really have plans other than relax and if it doesn't rain then go to the beach but obx has the best food ever so I'll be sure to document it all!!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basketball and Twilight

So my sister got the flu and we postponed the celebration of my dad's birthday until Easter weekend and I stayed in Richmond all weekend at Maggie's house!
So on Thursday VCU played UCLA in the first round of the NCAA tournament. We were all super excited- Maggie, Sara, and I wanted to get tickets but decided we were too poor so Sara planned a last minute party at her house. She made some seriously delicious food and drinks and we ate and ate until we thought we would explode and then we watched the game. It was a great game we all were screaming almost the entire time, however Eric Maynor missed his last shot and we ended up loosing by 1 point! It was so sad, especially since we knew we had Lil Wayne and Obama picking us in their brackets! But the food was so amazing it made up for the sad loss (and listening to hsm3 in the car on the way back to Maggie's after helped put me and Maggie in a better mood too).
VCU colored brownies!!!
They were dark chocolate raspberry brownies with white chocolate yum!
And the drink of the night- Black Gold margaritas!
They were pineapple margaritas with black raspberry!
yay VCU colored drinks haha!
If you look really close you can see VCU in the foam! hahaha i tried
Fried green beans (and yellow ones!!) with the most delicious dill dip!
Maggie thought they were yummy too (sorry Maggie this is a pretty bad pic hahaha)
Sara also made corndogs from scratch! They were really good! And so was the dip she made for that too!
So the next day Jess came down so I hung out with Jess and Maggie during the weekend. Then at midnight Maggie and I went to Wal-Mart to get Twilight! yayyyy! By the time we got back and got around to watching it it was super late. I made it about halfway through the movie before I went to bed around 3. So Saturday rolled around and Maggie and I hung out around the house waiting for Jess to wake up. She works nights so her schedule is totally the opposite of ours. So when 6 o'clock rolled around and we were hungry we decided to go really fast to get some sushi to go because we knew Jess wouldn't like sushi anyways! We tried out Mai Sushi in the Village shopping center by her house and we decided it was better than Akida our previous favorite sushi place in the Fan. I got a philly roll and a tiger roll- which was kind of like a california roll with salmon and avocado on top. oh my gosh this was the best salmon i have ever had in sushi! It was all smokey and soooooo delicious. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. And it was cheap too. I'll prob get some more on Wednesday when I'm back out at Maggie's for Lost. And maybe Thursday too before Grey's! hahaha yes it was that good

We ended up staying up really late playing sing star and rock band with Jess and her friends so once again I slept in really late today! When I woke up at like 1 I had some fage with honey and then later snacked on some hummus. Then when I left Maggie's at like 4 I was starving so I went to Arby's, where we had gone the other night and I saw these awesome things after I had already ordered. So I got the turkey, apple, and brie sandwich and the strawberry and arugula salad with goat cheese!!!! yum, yum, yum, and more yum. I don't usually like turkey but I decided to try this sandwich anyways and it was really good because the apple and brie really balanced out the turkey! it was so good!!!

So the rest of today I've been working on homework and laying in bed because I have a headache. Now I'm watching Desperate Housewives and then Brothers and Sisters and probably going straight to bed because I have to wake up early to tutor tomorrow morning and my sleep schedule is all sorts of crazy from this weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So Disney was a blast!!!!!!!! Everything but our hotel was absolutely fabulous! By the time we got in, off the plane, and got the Magical Express to our hotel it was after noon, so we headed to Downtown Disney for lunch. Then we headed back to our hotel for more drama (we eventually switched rooms bc they had not cleaned ours and it smelled like smoke- one of many issues- never stay at Pop Century). Eventually we headed over to Hollywood Studios and Shaina got us in so we could go have dinner at this super cute 50s restaurant. It was decorated so adorably and I would put more pictures but I already have like 500 bazillion pictures in this post! It was decorated like you were in a house from the 50s. The dining areas looked like you were sitting at a kitchen table and there was a tv playing old shows and everything. The servers would tell you to stop playing with your toys if you had your phones out and would tell you to get your elbows off the table. It was really fun. Sara got a ginormous plate of fried chicken, Maggie got a stuffed pepper, and I got a crabcake!

So the next day we slept until noon because we woke up way too early and stayed out pretty late the day before. We got food at our resort and it was surprisingly good. I don't have a picture (I think there is one on Sara's camera?) but I got this ruben flatbread melt. I wasn't expecting to get such good food at a Disney hotel, but it was amazing. So after laying out all day we went and met up with Shaina and Ellen as they were getting off work at the studios and then went to Bahama Breeze for dinner with a bunch of Maggie's other friends! I got a salmon alfredo pasta that was delicious! The only problem was it was so huge I couldn't eat it all and we couldn't bring our leftovers home with us! After dinner we tried to go to T-Rex at Downtown Disney to get a cottontini which I was so excited for only to find out that they closed at 11!!! LAME!
The next morning we woke up bright and early for a Character breakfast at the Grand Floridian! We met Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, Pooh, and Tigger!
And the food was actually really good too! It was a buffet and they had a person making omelets! So I got an omelet with cheese and mushrooms! A couple pieces of bacon, a blueberry muffin, and of course I loaded up on pineapple!!!!!!
And even though I was pretty full I had to go back and get a Mickey shaped belgium waffle. Mostly because Sara told me that the syrup had orange slices in it so I had to try that and it was a-ma-zing! I'm going to start putting orange zest in my syrup because it was so good!
After breakfast we went and did Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot! It was so awesome I didn't think we could fully do all those parks in one day but Maggie and Shaina are excellent guides and we had planned out before hand everything we wanted to do and did it all! So we ended at Epcot and ate in Morocco! It was sooooooo yummy. We started out with a goat cheese (my fav!) appetizer!
Then Shaina and I split cous cous with braised beef and caramelized onions, honey, and raisins! omg this was so delicious and I'm totally making this for myself! I know that my dad would love it bc he loves all things with raisins and yumminess!
So after Epcot we tried T-Rex again and, after practically running, we made it before they closed! And I finally got my cottontini! They put cotton candy in the glass and pour the martini over it!
So Thursday was our last day :( We packed up and checked out of the hotel and headed to the studios for one last time! We got some sweet treats to eat while we watched the HSM3 parade show thing! It was pretty exciting- caramel apple and HSM!
Then we left to head to the airport only to find out when we go there that our plane was delayed by like 2 hours!!!! So we chilled and had some food. I didn't know airports had such good food! I got a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich!

Finally, many hours later, we arrived back in DC where I stayed for the last couple days of break and now I am unfortunately back in Richmond. However I am headed back home this weekend for my dad's b-day and I was hoping to maybe go to the NCAA tournament to see VCU hopefully beat UCLA but now the tickets have gotten too expensive so thats prob not happening either!!! but I will either be in Haymarket cheering them on with Rachel or in Richmond cheering them on with Sara and Maggie! I haven't decided yet!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Risotto and Maple Pork!

So as promised here are some pictures of the Greek Style Frozen Yogurt that I got yesterday! It was pretty good, not really at all what I was expecting. It wasn't really raspberry, it was just swirled with raspberry. It was also like legit pumped into the container straight from a frozen yogurt machine!Greek Style made in New Zealand haha

Anyways, for breakfast I tried this Pink Grapefruit Wallaby yogurt! It was really really good! I don't know why more people don't make pink grapefruit yogurt- it seems like a great breakfast combination! My only complaint is that it was so thin! I'm haven't had non greek yogurt in forever and I now remember why! I don't like my yogurt thin but this grapefruit flavor made it worth it!So after breakfast I took my dog in to get her toe nails clipped! You would have thought she was being murdered by all the noises she was making! The lady said probably because I was standing right there she knew that if she complained about it she would get a big treat after! My dog is so smart because she got a nice big bone afterwards!
Charlotte got her treat so stopped by Starbucks to get one for myself! An iced apple chai- yummmmm
I also stopped by Wegmans to get my Seabreeze that apparently nobody else sells! And it just happened to be around lunch time so I got myself some sushi! A spider roll

And for my sister I got her some cream of crab soup! Last time we went to Wegmans for lunch we went at like 2:30 after she got back from school, well apparently the crab shack is closed then! My sister was so sad because she had been thinking about that soup all day and then couldn't have it! She was really excited for her soup!
So we ate lunch and Charlotte continued to eat her bone!!! (and she still is now-many hours later!)
After lunch I went to McKays- the used book store in Manassas to take a bazillion books that my mom cleaned off the bookshelf. I got store credit and got 5 books for myself! I got my own copy of Twilight and New Moon (so I don't have to borrow my sisters to read anymore!! I also got Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger (the one who wrote the Devil Wears Prada), Love the One Your With by Emily Giffin (i love her books), The Pact by Jodi Piccolt (i've never read her books but Rachel keeps telling me I need to!), and Jane Austins Book Club by I'm not sure because they are upstairs but I've heard its good! Anyways after I came back from that I had a snack of a banana with almond butter!
Then I sat around and watched a little tv with my sister before starting dinner! While I made dinner I drank this Cocount Juice with Lime- it was really good!!!
And for dinner I made pork tenderloin that had been marinating overnight in about a cup of maple syrup, a couple tablespoons of mustard, and 4 cloves of garlic. It was really really really good! It kind of reminded me of the topping that Jess makes for her corned beef with brown sugar and mustard and I think next time I would add that to the top to give it that extra yumminess! And then to go along with that I made risotto from scratch! It was basically this recipe only it used a lot more vegetable stock and took a lot more time than the recipe said but it was so worth it!
Anyways right now I'm watching Australia with the family and so far it is really good! Although I think its funny that they have Nicole Kidman who is Australian playing a British person that is in Australia! Hope everyone has a great night! I'm so excited for Florida on Monday!!!!!
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