Sunday, April 19, 2009

Final stretch!

I am back in Richmond for the final stretch of school! I also just realized my last final ever is on cinco de mayo!!! hahahaha So dinner last night my mom made this baked pasta thing with ham and peppers and mushrooms. I really didn't like it all that much, I'm definitely not a red and green pepper fan.
I had a little bit- Ipicked out the peppers from mine and then had some zucchinni, squash, and mushrooms on the side!
We also had some old foccaccia bread that i made a while back and had been in the freezer, but it was still slightly frozen when we started eating so we had it as a second course haah.
After dinner we went to get ice cream! We drove by Pickle Bobs which is a soft serve place in Haymarket and they had a huge long line. So we drove to this other place in New Baltimore that I had never been to but they had one of the longest ice cream lines ever- I'm talking like obx 4th of july weekend put put golf line long! It was ridicuouls. So we ended up going to Maggie Moos- which was probably the best idea! I got dark chocolate ice cream with strawberries and almonds. yummm it was delicious! I forgot my camera and my cell phone (ahhhhh) so I took a picture on my sisters cell and e-mailed it to myself but apparently it didn't work because I never got it! Oh well I'll just have to go back again and get some more ice cream just so I can take a picture for you guys!

Then this morning was church and I had some cranberry orange bread wtih almond butter in the car on the way there.
And then after church I made myself another yummy sandwich with the last tomato, last of the sprouts, munster, cheddar, some green onions, and slathered on the hummus!!
And then on the side I had some chocolate bunnies! These were yummy too- bunny butts never dissapoint! Although there are no bunny butts on these bags so I don't know if these still can be considered bunny butts or if its just the mac and cheese! I'll have to consult my sister!!!
Then I called the Dell people because my power adapter for my less than 4 month old computer stopped working again. My computer is still under warrenty so I was hoping that they would just send me a new one. Well after the guy trying a couple things he agreed that I need a new one and he was like I have to wait for my manager to approve it and while he's waiting for his manager he is trying to make small talk. He was like so what time is it there- I was like umm its about 3. He was like in the afternoon? And I said yeah. Then he said its 1 am here- hahhaha everyone always jokes about the people in India fixing your computer but its totally true!! Then he proceeded to tell me how he doesn't get off work until 5:30 or 6 am and it really sucks lol. It was pretty hilarious! So after getting off the phone with him I was already to leave until I remembered that I had bought this Edy's froyo at the store! We were going to eat it last night but then we ended up going to Maggie Moos instead!

Ummmm this was so amazing!!! I should have brought it back to Richmond with me because my dad is probably the only person back home that will eat it because this is not the kind of ice cream my sister and mom would eat. But it was so yummy I would definitly but this again!

Then I headed back to Richmond. When I got there I made a Wild Mushroom and Black Truffle flatbread pizza thingy from Trader Joes.

It was huge so I cut it in half and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow! This was pretty good but not as good as I imagined it to be. I think that everytime I eat any kind of thing like this I just compare it to the tuscan mushroom pizza from z pizza which is probably one of my favorite pizza's ever! But that being said I would but it again and then jazz it up with some onions and tomatos and stuff. I actually put some asiago cheese on it- it didn't come with the little squares of asiago on it hahaha. So after eating that I was still a little hungry so I ate my last apple with some almond butter (ahhh I'm almost out of almond butter!)
So now I'm sitting with my laptop plugged in because it won't charge- well sometiems it charges if the cord is sitting just right but most of the time it says it is plugged in but not charging it is just using the outlet power! And I 'm watching Extreme Home makeover while I wait for Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters to come on! I use to watch Extreme Home Makeover all the time but I haven't watched it for a while because I miss my sunday shows a lot and watch them online or I am doing homework up until Desperate Housewives. However tonight I don't have too much stuff to do- I did most of it this weekend! But this is probably one of the saddest ones I've ever watched. This family lost their house in a fire. They moved in with some family and were starting to get back on their feet. The dad took the kids to a lake and swam out with the youngst daughter on his shoulder. All of a sudden the girl starts screaming and they are both sinking. The oldest son swims out and pushes the girl back to shore and then tries to rescue the dad who is drowning, but in doing so ends up drowning too. So this family lost their house and finally started recovering then lost their father and oldest son in the same day. It is so sad and it makes me realize how blessed I am to have a house and all of my family!

So I hope you guys all have a good Sunday evening and a good Monday morning tomorrow! (If it is possible to have a good Monday morning!)

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