Thursday, April 2, 2009


The series finale of ER is on now!!! ahhhh I love ER! Right now they are doing like a look back on the 500 seasons of ER hahaha.

So anyway as promised here is the leftovers of my Bodillaz that I had for dinner last night. Covered in sour cream hahhaa. I can't remember if I said this in my other post but you get to pick your tortilla they have spinach (thats what I got), sundried tomato (thats prob what I would try next time!), and then normal white and wheat ones.After dinner I snacked on my mini coconut milk ice cream sandwich. I think these things are the most amazing thing everThen for lunch this morning I had a mismatch of leftovers! I had some more salmon chowder that I pulled out of the freezer and half of my egg salad sandwich that I didn't' eat for dinner when we went to Bodillaz. Then I also had an apple with almond butter!While I was making my lunch the water heater guy came to fix our hot water! yay! While he was working it wasn't sounding good but then he finally got it working! yay we have hot water again! Anyways most of the day today I worked on my paper (I think its finished!) and I packed up some stuff to take home next weekend. I packed up my winter clothes, all my scholastic books that I'm not using in this last month of tutoring, and all my old books and binders from classes. hahaha its funny because in the trunk of my car is my ginormous pink suitcase and then lots of scholastic boxes and whole foods bags filled to the brink haahha!

So for dinner tonight i tried this Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque. Oh my gosh this is the best tomato soup I've ever had! It was sweet and tangy with chunks of tomato and it is probably my new favorite canned soup ever! I also had the last of my wheat thins and the garlic and herb cheese from the beach! It was an amazing dinner!After dinner I headed over to Maggie's for the ER series finale!!!! yay and then once its over we are going to play High School Musical 3 Sing it! hahaah I'm pretty excited!

Also if you love to bake like me then you should head over to EatLiveRun. Jenna has put together a dessert e-cookbook that you can get for a $10 donation to her Team Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's. I haven't gotten mine yet because I have to wait until I get money tomorrow ( I currently have about $5 in my bank account haha) but as soon as that money shows up in my bank account and I get it I will let you know about how awesome it is!

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