Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Easter!

Yesterday was busy busy so I didn't have time to post anything! Yesterday I woke up and had a piece of the most delicious bread ever- Pepperidge Farms Cranberry Orange Bread topped with almond butter of course.
And of course I got an easter basket filled to the brim with chocolate and candy!

Then we headed to church where my pastor gave an awesome Easter service about hope. After church we headed home where we set the table and stuff while we waited for my grandparents to arrive. Once they came we put a couple things in the oven and then my dad opened his birthday presents! He got some stuff from bass pro shop, and lowes, and the his big present was an ipod! So of course after dinner we had to teach him how to use itunes.Then we had Easter dinner!!! Here is the pretty flowers that my mom picked to make a centerpiece.
And here is the fruit salad my grandma brought- I love pineapple!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite fruit!
The deviled eggs that I made
The place settings! My grandparents brought chocolate crosses from this chocolate store up in Martinsburg. And then the wrapped thing are our "easter eggs" which had a russel stover egg, a dove egg, and $20!

Here is the lemon mold that my mom made!
And more deviled eggs!
And my dad cutting the Honey Baked Ham
And homemade rolls from my mom!
And the best ever potatoes from my grandma! They are cheesy and delicious!
Here is the whole table!
From the other side haha

The ham, which I didn't eat bc I'm not a fan of ham
My plate!
And for dessert my grandma always makes the most delicious white chocolate cake ever! It is so good and it has the best white chocolate frosting! And it would not be complete without the cross because Easter is not all about the food it is about Jesus's sacrifice to us and how he did not stay dead on the cross but rose on Easter!
And my slice of cake!
After dessert I drove back to Richmond where I finished up everything for my tutoring and then cleaned my room a little bit because someone is coming today to look at it and see if she wants to move in when I leave!

So this morning I woke up super early because I had to meet with my teacher before tutoring to tell her how it was going. I snacked on a coconut cream pie larabar- my second favorite (key lime is definitely the first place one)
So my teacher did not show up early to meet with me and ended up not showing up until 45 minutes later, which was 15 min after our class was suppose to start and when we were suppose to go get the kids for tutoring. She had popped a tire and had to take a cab the rest of the way to the school. We were able to meet during the break though so that was good. Now that I'm all caught up I'm off to find some lunch and catch up on the blog world and then do some homework before my class at 4!

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