Friday, April 17, 2009

Back Home Again

Ahh sorry for the lack of updating its been super busy this week! So Wednesday after lunch I pretty much packed and loaded up my car and did a little homework. Then for dinner I had another lasagna roll up and the last of my leftover fruit. I used an ugg box for my table hahah!

After dinner I made made sure I had everything packed up in my car. I had been craving a smoothie so I headed over to Tropical Smoothie on my way to Maggie's and got a Blimey Limey- my favorite!
Then I headed over to Maggie's and we went to three different stores in search of a logitech microphone so we can have 2 mics for High School Musical Sing it! But we had zero luck and made it back just in time for Lost! Then the next morning I woke up and had a blueberry pomegranate yogurt from Target. It was pretty good not the best and not the worst.
Then a couple hours later for lunch I had my last lasagna roll up.
Then I headed home! It took my almost an hour longer than usual because there was traffic and construction everywhere! When I finally got home I unloaded my car! I now have most of the stuff that I won't be using when I'm living at home packed in boxes and stacked up in the dining room until we find a better place to store them! Then I worked on my case study and portfolio for my tutoring class until dinner. There was not much to choose from but somehow my dad found this bertolli bag of pasta in the back of the freezer.
It was stuffed shells with a shrimp scampi sauce with little shrimpies all through the sauce. It was surprisingly good for one of these frozen bag things (which my parents buy all the time but I really hate!) My dad also made some toaster garlic bread hahaaa- this is really how little food we have in the house. We had some sourdough bread slices so my dad just tops them butter and garlic powder and the pops them in the toaster.
Then for the rest of the night I mostly worked on my case study and I'm almost done. Today I will for sure finish that and then work a little on the power point for our special needs group project for Tuesday! ahh I thought most of the big homework things were done when I turned in that 10 page paper last week but I guess I was wrong! I also at some point need to put together a portfolio of resources about teaching students with special needs in different subjects in school- if anyone knows of any websites let me know!

So I just finished eating a wonderful breakfast of my favorite cranberry orange bread and almond butter with an orange on the side!
Hope everyone has a great friday! Tonight there is a 2 hour prison break on- I'm pretty excited!!!!!

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