Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pineapple Twist

Alright so I figured I would post today about yesterday before I did anything today! So I'm sitting in my room in my pjs and I got up about 30 minutes ago so I didn't eat breakfast!

Yesterday I also got to sleep in, actually I'm finished with tutoring so most of my days get to be sleep in days now- yay!!! After waking up and quickly made a wrap and then wrapped it up hahaha and went over to Maggie's to lay out in her backyard! I was outside and didn't feel like going in to get my camera haha so for a picture see previous post because it was exactly the same as the wrap I had yesterday!! So laying out in the grass with pollen falling from the sky was probably not the best thing for me. Even Maggie was feeling the pollen so we decided to go in after about 2 hours. I quickly showered and did a little homework and then went straight from her house to my class. Between classes I headed to Tropical Smoothie to grab dinner because I was up to my free smoothie on my punch card! I tried something new- a green tea smoothie called the Pineapple Twist. holy cow this is my new favorite smoothie. Green Tea, Pineapple, Lime, and yogurt. So delicious!!!
And for dinner I tried one of their new/ limited time only flatbread sandwiches. I got the Mediterranean Veggie which was full of hummus, onions, an assortment of leafy greens haah, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, I really can't remember everything that was in it! But it was delicious.

After that I zoned out in special needs- classes are "officially" done with and today is a reading day, however my ethics class is not having a final so we are still having class during the final exam block- seriously who does that!!! Then I have 2 finals on next Tuesday and I will be done with class for forever!!! yay!

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