Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney Obsession

Today has been another busy busy day!!!! And I don't have a lot of pictures of food from today so here are some pictures I took last night! Kylin and I watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua and it was super super cute! I think I'm going to have to buy it hahah! Anyways I've been eating lots of unpictured Easter candy but I managed to take a picture of an easter bunny kit kat that I had last night because it was just so cute!!!!I tried to put it on Baby Cat so she looked like she had ears!
She was not impressed!!!
Anyways today was wonderful and I slept in until 11:30!!! So no breakfast for me! After showering and getting dressed I went straight to my leftover tuna pasta for lunch!
Then I went with Maggie to go see 17 Again. Why oh why is Zac Efron so gorgeous??? Besides Zac being awesome the movie was also very cute but I really wanted them to sing at least once. There were so many moments when Zac or Matthew Perry could have broken out into song and it would have been totally appropriate. And there was a point where Zac said we're in this together and I just busted out laughing. Also in other non related disney excitement. Last night Maggie and I decided to tweet at Mitchel Musso (from Hannah Montana) and see who would reply back to first. And he totally replied back to me but not her! I was pretty excited. Yes I promise you I am not 12 years old. Also everyone should follow me on twitter if you don't already.

Anyways after the movie I came back to my house real quick to grab stuff for class. I didn't have anything really to pack for dinner so I grabbed a piece of foccacia bread and brought it with me to 2 hour 40 min class number one.
I was hungry and ate it at the break during psyc. So in between classes I ran down to 7-11 and got a smoked turkey and jack sandwich and then ate it while talking with my group real fast before class. It was okay, not great but not awful for something premade at 7-11. So then in 2 hour and 40 min class number 2 we did our group presentation. I'm so glad thats over with- I feel like the next 2 weeks of the semester are pretty much downhill from here! So yay!

Also in class today I was told that I should bring cookies or something to class since I am the baker of the group. So maybe this weekend I will attempt some cookie making which should be quite fun since I've packed up and taken home all my kitchen stuff. But my kitchen aid is still here and we have 2 cookie sheets that were not mine so I think it can work!

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