Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baked Tortellini

Well I am in Richmond at Maggie's for the last time of the summer. :( This week has been crazy trying to get my sister all organized and packed up! On Monday her and her friends did a scavenger hunt around Haymarket and Gainesville that I prepared for them! While they were gone I had a delicious breakfast of a Kashi waffle topped with 0% Fage and pineapple preserves. And of course some apple, beet, carrot, and ginger juice to go along side.

After they came back I tallied up their scores, declared the winner then ate the most delicious sandwich ever- tomato, basil, mozzarella, sprouts, and feta! YUM!!!!
And now that I am writing this blog I am realizing that I never actually ate dinner Monday night! I headed over to Leesburg to a bible study with a friend from VCU who has just moved back up to the area. We met at a Starbucks so I had an Apple Chai but no food food. Anyways the bible study was great and I'm so glad that I found an awesome group of girls nearby to have a bible study with! Also I found out the school that I will be student teaching at, but still no teachers or grade levels. The exciting thing is that in Fairfax they get early release Monday's so Monday's won't be as stressful trying to get from Fairfax to home then to Leesburg!

Tuesday I woke up nice and late and had some bunny butts for lunch. I don't have a picture but they were the Annie's White Cheddar mac and cheese with some tomatoes thrown in from the farmers market! Dinner was my baked tortellini- as requested by my sister for her last meal at home before college!
Baked Tortellini

1 lb tortellini- cooked
1 jar pasta sauce- whatever kind you like the best, this one was Newmans Own Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic and it worked great!
1 tub mascrapone cheese (an 8-9 oz tub)
1/2 chopped parsley
2 cups feta
fresh mozzarella

1. Stir together the pasta sauce and the mascrapone until the mascrapone is fully incorporated into the pasta sauce
2. Add the parsley and half the feta and stir together
3. Add the cooked tortellini and stir until all the tortellini is coated with sauce
4. Dump everything into a 9x13 pan
5. Top with mozzarella and feta (I also usually add more parsley on top but totally forgot this time!)
6. Bake at 350 for about half an hour until the cheese is all gooey and bubbly!

Wednesday was move in day for Alicia! We stopped on the road and I got Arby's for lunch (the rest of my family got Hardees- so gross!) We also made a brief stop in Richmond to drop my car off at Maggie's since we were only allowed to bring 2 cars for move in day (one was my sister's that is staying down there with her). We helped her set up all her stuff, get her parking pass, and then left! By the time we got back to Richmond it was dinner so I took my parents to Palani Drive! I got another amazing quesadilla- Smoked Gouda and Veggies! I also subbed the rice for some more of that yummy tabouli!

Then I headed over to Maggie's! Today we both got up early and headed to campus. Today is the first day of class and neither one of us are taking classes this semester- I am student teaching and she has to do an internship- yet we both had to go to campus to get all that administrative stuff squared away! I met with both my advisors so I can graduate in December with my bachelors and masters. So now I've turned in my graduate and undergrad graduation applications and I'm all set to graduate! Yay! We met up with Monica for lunch and she swiped us into Shafer for some free food since she is a freshman! There were long lines everywhere so we all just got pizza because it was the shortest line. It was dining hall pizza, nothing to even warrant taking a picture of! However after lunch and my second advising appointment we went to the TT Lounge!
Oh bubble tea I miss you so much! I don't know why there is no boba tea place in Haymarket/Gainesville/ Manassas but there needs to be! I got a coconut milk tea and it was delicious and extra bobay! Now I'm back at Maggie's chillin for a little until I head over to Sara's for the Project Runway season premiere! And she is also making me a fabulous dinner, because as you should all know by now Sara is pretty amazing and always cooks awesome things (look a couple posts back at all the little cakes and everything she made for her birthday party)


  1. You have some of the yummiest looking, simple sandwiches!

  2. Thanks! I think nothing can really beat a sandwich with fresh tomatoes in the summer!


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