Monday, April 27, 2009

98 Weather + Broken AC= Miserable!!!

Hello!! It is super hot in our house because the ac is broken!! Today is a little better than yesterday but its still really hot! We called the AC guy to get it fixed and we got put on a waiting list and they are going to call us the day before they will be able to come! Apparently everyone broke their AC when they tried to turn it on for the first time in the 97 degree weather this weekend!!! Anyways I really do not have an excuse for not updating yesterday I was really not that busy hahaha! I started off the day with a Raspberry Chocolate Raw Revolution bar! It was pretty tasty but the one thing I did not like was that it was hardcore sticking to my teeth! I would check the mirror and see black spots all over my teeth from it!Then my grandparents came and picked me up and I took them to my church. They really seemed to like it and told me that I had picked a good one haha- too bad I only have one more week left down here but its all good because my church back home is really awesome too! But really how many people can say that they sit in the VIP section of a concert venue while going to church- its pretty cool! So after church we went to Joes for brunch! I got The Most Requested omelet that had feta, tomatoes, and spinach inside with home fries on the side. It was fabulous as Joes always is. My grandma got some huge breakfast combo with 3 ginormous pieces of french toast (of which she ate one), scrambled eggs, bacon, and homefries. My grandpa opted to go not the breakfast way and got the scallops- which was one of the specials of the day. They were both really impressed by everything they got. I love taking people to little places in Richmond like Joes because they are so fun and unique and they have great food!
So after brunch we came back and I gave them the tour of my house, they wanted to see where I've been living the past 2 years before I move out next week! They brought me my new power adapter (Dell sent me a new one because the other one wasn't charging my battery). Well after they left I plugged in the new power adapter and it still didn't work! I got the same start up message about it being plugged in to an unrecognizable adapter. And the battery symbol says its plugged in but not charging. So clearly this is a problem, especially since I only have 20% battery left! I called Dell again and talked to them for forever- the guy told me that it was probably something wrong with my motherboard and he would send a technician to my house and put me on hold. Then he comes back to say that oh no I don't have that kind of warranty so I have to send my computer to them and they'll fix it and I can get it back in about 8 days. I was like ok well I can't send you my computer right now I'm in the middle of finals so is it okay if I wait a week until my finals are all over. So he gave me like a case number and said to call back and give them the number and they'll send me a box to ship my computer to them whenever I'm ready!! ahhhh its such a hassle!!!

So anyways for dinner last night I just had some more leftover risotto. My camera was upstairs and I didn't feel like running up to get it in our 500 degree house just to take a picture of something that was on my last blog post- so see the last post if you want a picture!! Then Kylin, Grace, and I had a nail painting party!! We tried to get a bunch of girls together but everyone was super busy studying for exams and writing final papers and stuff. After Grace left Kylin and I watched 13 Going on 30! Then Megan came home and brought hot Krispy Kreme donuts so I just had to have one (and maybe another one later hahah)
Hot Krispy Kremes are so amazing they just melt in your mouth!!

So this morning we had our tutoring celebration! I had brought a bar to snack on but ended up having 2 juice boxes, fruit snacks, and a rice krispy treat instead hahha. So I've turned in everything and that class is completely done with hooray!!! So I came home and made a fabulous wrap for lunch- spinach wrap with a portabella garden burger, goat cheddar, spinach, tomatoes, and garlic aioli!
And a cookie for dessert!
It was all super delicious! After lunch I pretty much highlighted articles for my sped portfolio until my ethics class! After ethics the roomies and I plus Jonathan went to All Star to get sandwiches! The plan was get them to go and take them to Belle Isle to eat! However my class went over and then the sandwiches took forever to make so we decided we didn't really have enough time to go to Belle Isle before the sun went down :( but we are going to go on Sunday!!

I got the Tredegar sandwich which had balsamic tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and a pesto sauce

Yummm it was soooo good! I've never been here before but they had so many delicious looking sandwiches I'll have to come back!

Jonathan got some kind of steak sandwich.
Kylin got the same thing as me but here she is trying Megan's sandwich which I really am not sure what it was!! haha
I don't know if you can see that but thats the sandwich menu!! Their breakfast sandwiches also looked really good!
Then afterwards we decided to go to Shields Market and get some dessert and go take it and eat it on Jonathan's porch. I got a vegan tiramisu. It was super cute and super delicious.
It was kind of like a cupcake on the outside but the inside was all tiramisu deliciousness!!
So for the rest of tonight I'm probably just going to highlight some more articles for my sped portfolio and maybe go to bed early because I'm so tired. I feel like I haven't gotten much sleep the last few nights because its so hard to fall asleep when its this hot! Tomorrow after my class I might go over to Maggie's to sleep in the ac and also because Wednesday is a reading day and I have nothing to do!!


  1. raw revolution bars are AWESOME!!! have you tried the hazelnut chocolate?? i only eat them right before workouts because they have an insane amount of calories. not to mention they $1.99 each. ouch!

  2. I haven't tried the Hazelnut Chocolate yet but I think I may have one- I got a couple different flavors of them. Yeah I definitely am not a fan of the $2 a piece but they are really good to eat for breakfast when I have to run to tutoring or somewhere in the morning.


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