Friday, April 10, 2009


I hope everyone had a great day today! I was hoping to get a lot of homework done but really didn't get that much done! I started the morning with another piece of Pepperidge Farm Cranberry Orange Bread topped with Almond Butter (the good chunky kind!). And a bowl of fage this time with a small banana coconut and some maple syrup instead of the usual honey. It was delicious, I think I will have to put the coconut in my yogurt all the time now!I took a close up picture of the peep cupcakes we made yesterday after realizing you really couldn't see them!
Then I did a some homework, pretty much the only time I got any done today! For lunch I made some bunny butts! and I took a picture of the bunny butt on the Annie's box so you could all see why we call it bunny butts!
It was the shells and white cheddar kind that I made with greek yogurt this time instead of milk. I really didn't like the yogurt in it and I will definitely be sticking to the milk! I took some out for my sister then added some tomatoes into mine and topped it with a Parmesan, romano, and asiago mix!
Then my sister and I went out shopping for birthday presents for my dad! We sat in lots of traffic and then came home and took Charlotte on a walk! We didn't even walk that much and she was exhausted.
Then for dinner I made Tropical Barbecue Salmon from Jenna's Blog- EatLiveRun. I left out the cumin because I don't like cumin and it was so good! I love anything with pineapple and this was definitely delicious! Everyone liked it and we ate it all, but that was partly because we didn't think my brother would be home in time for dinner but he got here right before!!!
I also made this CousCous which was delicious!
And then sauteed up some squash and zucchini! It was a delicious meal!!
And for dessert a Maple Almond Cookie!
Also after dinner my sister had us vote on which grad party invitations she should send out! I voted for the top 2 with the one on the right being my favorite but my mom loved the one on the top left. However even after the entire family voted for those two (it was split 2-2) my sister decided she really didn't want to send out one with her picture on I guess the bottom right one it is!
So my brother just got here for Easter weekend so the whole family is here so I'm off for some family bonding time!

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