Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today has been another one of those blah days. On the way to church this morning I snacked on a Spirulilna and Cashew Raw Revolution bar. I really didn't like it, it was really greasy which was not like the other kind I've had. I would not buy that flavor again, I think I'll stick to the chocolate ones! For lunch after church I had a cous cous and vegetable veggie wrap. It was pretty good. I tried to follow the directions to heat it up in the oven but after cooking it for 35 minutes it was still halfway frozen and I ended up popping it in the microwave anyways! However it was pretty delicious and a nice thing to have around to pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes when you are starving and have no time to cook (just don't try to cook it in the oven- or at least don't follow their directions of wrapping it in foil).
After lunch I really wasn't feeling to good so I took a nap for a little. After my nap I decided to make a Green Monster to see if it would make me feel any better. I put a banana and a cup of spinach like before but this time instead of a cup of milk i put in some 0% Fage and a tiny splash of milk for more liquid. I also added some leftover pineapple from dinner before. It was both better and worse then the one before. The pineapple was really not the best pineapple so it really added no flavor at all and the sweetness of the banana was not enough for the plain yogurt. However, I liked the yogurt much better than the milk. I think the key is flavored yogurt. I am slowly and surely finding the best way to make a Green Monster- next time I'm going to add some flavored yogurt or maybe some strawberry preserves or something in with the plain yogurt.
For dinner all I really wanted was some soup so I busted out a can of the Amy's Chunky Tomato Bisque- my favorite! It was exactly what I wanted and was delicious as usual.
After dinner I watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives and I'm happy to say that I finally got a decent finale that didn't make me scream at the tv when it ended (although there were times during it but almost everything was resolved in the episode!). The only 'cliffhanger' was at the end when Mike was marrying someone but I'm pretty sure it was Susan and not Katherine and that is what I'm going to go with until the season premier in the fall. Right now I'm still feeling pretty awful so I'm about to go take some NyQuil and sleep a good long time and hopefully feel better in the morning!

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