Friday, May 15, 2009

I Hate Season Finales!!!

So first things first, here is a picture of my new haircut! I've been styling it differently every day and I think I decided I like it flipped out a tiny bit but not a lot the best.Anyways my room is still not in order! At least all my clothes are unpacked now so I don't feel like a homeless person when I'm getting dressed in the morning! However the rest of my room is still a hot mess but I'm not worrying about it until after my VRA's tomorrow!

For lunch on Wednesday (I know I've gotten bad at updating without my computer!) I tried some of the Buitoni reserves that I've seen popping up everywhere! I'm really sad because apparently I signed up for the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program right after they sent out these babies! Everyone else except me got them- so I went out and bought some myself because they looked so good! First up was the cheesy ones haha!
Which I topped with Buitoni pesto which is probably my favorite store bought pesto sauce!
And it was so delicious! Super rich and creamy and had an amazing taste. The ricotta cheese made for a great background for the rest of the cheeses and made it super creamy and delicious. I just wish they came in bigger packages because it would take three of these boxes to feed my family. I ate half the box for lunch (the serving size is only 2) and then found myself reaching into the fridge and pulling out one every once in a while for a snack for the next few days haha.
Later in the day I took Charlotte out for a run and made my first Green Smoothie when I got back! It had a banana, a cup of spinach, and a cup of milk. It was surprisingly good! I think it had a little too much banana for me so I would add some other fruit into it next time and I would use yogurt next time instead of milk, because I'm not a fan of milk anyways.
And I also snacked on a small handful of these babies- chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Last week was teacher appreciation week and a student brought these in for my mom and they are delicious!
Then for dinner was making burgers, so I made a yummy Morning Star pizza burger! Topped with smoked cheddar, campari tomatoes, spinach, and sabra roasted garlic hummus!
With a side of juicy watermelon!
For breakfast yesterday I needed a change of pace from the waffles, so I had some Cinnamon Pecan Special K with some Vanilla Chobini. It was delicious!
Then I went to Fairfax to pick up the pump for our pool that was getting fixed so that we can hopefully open the pool up this weekend! While I was out that direction I stopped at Robeks for some juice! I got a G-Snap which was orange, carrot, and ginger! It was so delicious, the ginger just gave it that extra 'snap' haha.

Then I came home for lunch and had this Simply Asia spring vegetable rice noodle soup bowl. I had high hopes because I love Annie Chun's noodle and soup bowls, but this was super disappointing. The broth really didn't have much flavor at all and there weren't that many vegetables in it. It certainly doesn't look anything close to the picture on the box. It was really bland and disappointing- I would not buy it again.
For dinner last night my dad was grilling chicken so I decided to bust out one of my frozen Kashi meals. I went with the Tuscan Veggie Bake. It was okay, not great but not awful. I added goat cheese on the top which improved it immensely. All in all I probably wouldn't buy it again but I would eat it if someone else bought it and it was sitting in the freezer.

I was still hungry after this so I made some toast with Almond butter. I have this oatmeal bread that is surprisingly really good and some Nature's Promise Almond butter which is also surprisingly good. At first I wasn't a fan of the almond butter- this was the only kind they had at Giant, but I think it was just because its not chunky and I really want the almond chunks in it! But as I've continued to eat it its actually got a really good flavor- its just missing some chunks!
After dinner it was time for Grey's. Can I just say how much I hate season finales! Grey's was definitely the worst, Private Practice was also really distressing, and so was Lost and I'm sure Desperate Housewives will be just as bad. I hate cliff hangers and I hate when they kill people off a show (especially when its 2 people!)

Anyways now that thats off my chest! Today I woke up at the wonderful hour of 11:30 and decided to skip breakfast. I'm currently boiling water to try some of the mushroom Buitoni reserve for lunch! I'm heading up to West Virginia this afternoon to go up to my grandparents house. Tomorrow is the VRA in Winchester (which is closer to my grandparents house which is why I'm going up there tonight). I won't be back until tomorrow evening, so I hope everyone has a great Friday!

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