Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mexican Food Twice Yesterday

So last night Ashley had to get a rain check on dinner because her arm is still hurting from the pinched nerve. Instead I went over to Erica's and hung out with her and then went to dollar taco night at Little Mexico. We started with peach margaritas.

Then I got a taco which somehow managed to not get its picture taken. Then we were thinking we were done until our waiter told us about the swirl margarita aka Christmas margarita that was like a lime margarita with sangria on top. We shared this and the our waiter bought us another one and we shared that too!

Going out for Mexican twice yesterday definitely did not agree with my body! I woke up at 2 am with really bad cramps and my stomache felt awful! I took some pepto bismal which helped a little and went back to bed! This morning I felt so gross so I made myself some spiced tea to drink while catching up on blogs and facebook.
Then I started looking over my notes for my psyc exam tonight. I made some white cheddar bunny butts for lunch, I was going to make something else but my milk is on its last leg this week and I need to use it up.
Now I'm getting ready to head to class early so I can stake out a plug for my computer since it still doesn't charge! Then I have this psyc exam at 4 and my special needs exam at 7 and then I'm done with class for forever!!! yay! After everyone finishes special needs we are going out to celebrate being done with VCU (except our student teaching) and Cinco de Mayo!

Also head over to Danica's blog and enter her Annie's Mac and Cheese giveaway! You might be able to win yourself some awesome bunny butts!!!

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  1. Love those bunny butts! It still cracks me up to read that!

    Thanks for the contest shout out.

    Ok - That is the same recipe I use for the Samoas too - sooooooo good!


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