Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cous Cous

So I made sure to eat some breakfast when I woke up this morning because I knew we were going to get a late lunch! On sleep in days I usually just wait an hour or so to eat lunch!! So I made some cranberry orange toast topped with peanut butter because I am all out of my almond butter. It was very sadly missing the almond butter and just was not the same with the peanut butter.
Then once Megan got back from work we went to Cous Cous which is a Mediterranean/ Moroccan restaurant. It was sooo delicious! I got a lamb dish that came with lots of veggies and our choice of cous cous. I opted for the mediterranean cous cous with yummy herbs and feta cheese! The lamb was cooked amazingly and was super good! I love lamb, its got such an awesome flavor!
Then after lunch we took Kylin's cats out on a leash in the yard. Pumpkin loved it!
Baby cat really did not! She didn't walk and just sat on the sidewalk.
Now I'm getting ready to go to a cook out at Mike Sinks and then later we are doing super secret things for a super amazing person's b-day! He prob doesn't read this but just in case I don't want to give the secret away! Tomorrow is the big move day- moving both my brother and myself back home so I don't know when or if I'll have time to update tomorrow!

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