Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Well it has been a long past few days. I certainly am not going to recap everything (I didn't take pics of everything) but I'll recap the big things!

Thursday Night! Josh's b-day! Bethany, Rob, and I made a cake for Josh and then Megan and Jonathan came and we blew up tons of balloons and decorated Josh's room! Then we waited for him to come home from work! Later Josh and I decided we really wanted some calamari from 3 Monkeys so we called and their kitchen was still open for the next half an hour so we rushed over there. Had a couple drinks and some calamari and took pictures with the giant polar bear!

Friday! Mass Move Out Day! My parents got to my house around noon and after a quick lunch of quesadillas we drove down to Newport News to move my brother out of his dorm. We loaded up my brothers truck and then drove back to Richmond.
In Richmond we packed up all my stuff and loaded it into a moving truck that we rented. We got upgraded to this huge one for free because they were out of the small ones. My stuff filled up about half of it lol. After finally loading everything and cleaning my room out we grabbed Tropical Smoothie to eat in our own cars and drove back to Haymarket. When we got there we quickly unloaded everything into the garage so we could go return the moving truck to the night drop off.
Saturday: Most of Saturday was spent moving around furniture in my bedroom and unpacking things. I got my little uncomfortable bed out and my pillow topped big bed in! That combined with my desk were my 2 biggest pieces of furniture but I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my dresser and book shelves. I would rather move out the massive dresser that is in my room now and move in the small one I had in Richmond and my book shelves, so maybe that will happen today. Dinner last night was coconut shrimp, fruit salad, fresh broccoli, and this thing my mom found that was like a pretzel topped with crab and cheese stuff.
Then we went to the Verizon store to get my sister a new phone. I almost got one too bc my sister and brother are up for their new phones and me and my parents are up for new ones at the end of the month. My brother however doesn't want a new one so I almost got one but I really want a blackberry and you have to pay a $30 monthly blackberry data/internet thing and my dad didn't want to put that on my phone booooo.

Today! On the way to church this morning I had a Chocolate and Coconut Raw Revolution bar. It was delicious- but like the other one I had it really sticks to my teeth and I'm scared that I have chocolate all over my teeth.
Church was really good my pastor was talking about Enthusiasm and kept comparing it to Tigger vs Eyore! Hahha my sister and I were like we are more Tigger's and my brother is definitely an Eyore! Anyways Enthusiasm comes from the greek enthuse (or something like that) and it means to be infused with God- so I thought that was really cool!

We are celebrating Mother's Day next week with my grandparents because it was too hard with moving this week and everything. But we asked my mom what she wanted for lunch and she really wanted some Quiznos so off to Quiznos we went! I got a Black Angus sandwich filled with beef and mushrooms and onions. It was delicious but after I ordered I saw all the salads they had and wished I would have gotten one of those!
And to drink I got a Lipton Green Tea with Honey.The rest of the day will probably be spent like yesterday- unpacking and organizing.

Also the rest of this week might be sporadic posting because my computer is at Dell hopefully being fixed of its power issues! I shipped it out yesterday and they said it could be gone for 8-10 days so I'm having to use the family desktop and my old laptop that likes to turn itself off randomly!

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