Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mimis Cafe

I am done done done with school! Only student teaching next semester stands between me and being done with VCU forever! In between my 2 finals I went and got Tropical Smoothie and brought it into five guys with everyone else! I had another Pineapple Twist Green Tea smoothie- my new favorite! And a Hummus Among Us half sandwich!

yummmm! After finishing our finals we went out to celebrate at Baja! They had pink wristbands and $5 margaritas for Cinco de Mayo- what could be better!
And Erica got a $5 beer bucket lolAnd later we got Scooby Snacks!
This is the organism! Jamie, Erica, Bridgit, and I! Our science teacher last semester referred to us as the organism one time and its stuck ever since!And here is a group shot of everyone minus Megan who left a little earlier! Today I slept until 10:30 and then just lay in bed catching up on blogs and facebook and just doing nothing! It was wonderful to not have any school stuff to do! For lunch I ate the rest of my bunny butts from yesterday and added in some mushrooms that I cooked up a few days ago. I'm trying to use up all my perishable items before I move Saturday.
It was of course delicious! Then for the rest of the day I mostly packed up my room! I stopped midday for a snack of the last of my hummus and triscuits!
Once Ashley got off work she came over and we chilled until Courtney got off work! Then we headed out to Mimis Cafe for dinner so that Josh could be our waiter! It was delicious- I've been there for brunch before but I've always had just the breakfast (which is amazing) but today I learned how amazing their non breakfast is too! They had these 3 course specials which is what we all got!

Ashley started with grilled cheese sticks which were not mozzarella sticks which made Ashley sad. It was literally a grilled cheese sandwich cut into strips served with marinara sauce lol. It was tasty but I could have easily made that at home.
Courtney opted for the french onion soup which I didn't try but looked delicious!
And I got a yummy caesar salad! It had perfect croutons- they were crunchy but soft enough that you could spear them with your fork and eat them with your salad. I hate when croutons are so hard they break when you try to get them on your fork!
For the main course I opted for the Honey Dijon Salmon. And so did Courtney! Oh my gosh this was so delicious! The fish was cooked perfectly and had the most amazing sauce I've ever had on fish. It was a dijon cream sauce and it was the perfect tang to go with the salmon. The asparagus were also delicious and cooked perfectly and I suppose the potatoes were good not anything special and I'm not a big potato person.Ashley got maple glazed pork which I didn't try but looked delicious!
And I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of our deserts!!!! So sad! I got their delicious Chocolate Moose (which I've had before and was amazing as always). Ashley got the apple crisp and Courtney got the bread pudding both of which looked good also. I love Mimis! And I love having Josh as a waiter haha, too bad he doesn't work at the Mimis in Gainesville! Anyways tomorrow will be more packing and Friday my parents are going to drop off a moving truck and then go down to CNU to help my brother move out then back up here to move me out! Ahh so much to do and pack up tomorrow!

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