Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hit and Run

Well I've had a stressful past 2 days. As I was heading to my grandparents house yesterday, I stopped off at the post office to mail out a book someone bought from me on As I'm walking out of the post office a woman informs me that someone just hit my car as they were leaving the parking lot and then continued on like nothing happened. Luckily this lady and another lady saw it, got the licence plate number, and left me their names and numbers as witnesses. So I then phoned the Haymarket police- since I was practically across the street from the Haymarket police station and at the Haymarket post office. They proceeded to tell me that I was actually not in their jurisdiction and I needed to call the Prince William Police Department! ahhhh!! So I called them and after about 20 minutes of them not finding the address of where I was and trying to figure out how to give directions to the officer for where I was they said "sit tight and we'll get someone out there soon." So there I waited for over two hours until the officer finally came. I called them after about an hour and a half and they told me it was Friday afternoon and nice outside so they were very busy. At this point I am missing the back break light of my car so I probably couldn't drive it up to my grandparents at night (which it would be by the time I figured I would finally be able to do anything). So I give the officer all the info and he tells me that he's going to go to this person's house and can either get them to give me an exchange of insurance and leave it at that or I can press charges. I told him I just want them to pay for it to get fixed so I'm not going to press charges if they do that. So he says I can go home and he'll come to my house after he goes to theirs. Well after being home for about 45 minutes he calls and says he got their insurance info and he got mine and said that he would bring the form over later that evening. So it is now over 24 hours later and he still hasn't brought that stuff over! We called our insurance company and basically there's not too much we can do until we get the other people's insurance info, so I guess I'll call the officer tomorrow or Monday if we still don't have it. All of this is so annoying, and this person who hit my car has ruined my entire weekend!

(luckily I carry my camera everywhere now because of this blog!! I took a bunch of pictures while I was waiting for the police to come. There is more damage on the bumper but this picture didn't have my licence plate number in it because I obviously don't want everyone stalking me!)

Anyways, before I left and all this happened I tried the Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti. It was delicious! I topped it with pesto like I did with the other kind. These were both really good and I don't think I could pick a favorite. I think next time I would buy both kinds again and mix them together so you could have a bite with both the mushroomy goodness and the creamy cheesy goodness!

Since we were stuck at the house after I got home we ordered Chinese food since we couldn't go out to eat and had no food in the house. We ordered from Asian Garden which actually has Chinese and Japanese food which means they have sushi! And their sushi is actually pretty good (although it definitely doesn't compare to Akida or Mai Sushi in Richmond). I got a philly roll and a shrimp tempura roll along with some miso soup and shared some of the crab ragoons that the whole family got.

Yummmm, nothing beats the unhealthiness of fried crab ragoons hahaha. I deserved to be unhealthy after my stressful day and continued it later with some Edy's Yogurt Blends. I had a huge bowl of the Carmel Praline Crunch and loved every bite of it. I had bought the berry granola flavor before but it was once when I was at home for the weekend and only had a very small amount before I left to go back to Richmond. It was really good but this was even better. It had swirls of carmel and lots of crunchy praline pecans. I was very impressed! I would definitely buy this again.
After my ice cream I spent the rest of the night studying for my VRA's and went to bed early. In the morning I ate a Blueberry Crisp Clif bar. I saw this at Giant and had never seen this flavor before (I feel like every store I go to has different flavor of Clif bars). I was really impressed, and this might be my favorite Clif bar flavor yet. It was full of blueberries and it was super delicious.
I left really early because I didn't know how long it would take to get there from my house. I ended up getting to the school at about 11:45 and we were suppose to check in at 12:30. So I sat in the car and studied some more and ate a sandwich that I had packed yesterday to take to my grandma's haha. It was hummus, spinach, shitake mushrooms, and smoked cheddar. I really wasn't hungry but knew they might not let us leave when we finished and I very well could be stuck in that building until 5 o'clock because it is a 4 hour test!
The test was okay, there were a few questions that I straight out knew the answer to but there were more that I wasn't sure about. There were so many questions that the answers listed all or most were possible solutions and you had to pick the best one. Ahhh it was so stressful, I hate tricky questions like that! Luckily they let us leave when we finished so I didn't have to stay around forever! It took me exactly 2 hours ( I'm so glad I didn't have to sit there for 2 more). When I drove in I saw a Sonic so I promptly drove there for a strawberry limeade and also got onion rings. (it has been a fried onion rings and fried ragoons kind of weekend!)

When I got home I laid around and watched some tv to celebrate it actually being summer now that these VRA's are out of the way. I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashian's and they rented a monkey for their mom!!?!? How cool/ weird is that! I have never heard of that and I really want to know where they rented it from and how much it cost. Basically you get the monkey for a week and a trainer comes by to bring you the monkey and teach you how to take care of it, and then they leave you and the monkey alone for a week! It was ridiculous, who thinks of these things haha!

For dinner my mom made BLT's, haha I know the unhealthiness continues, it has seriously been that kind of weekend, hopefully tomorrow will be better! My BLT also had a C with some smoked cheddar. And on the side was some pineapple and watermelon.
After dinner I worked on my room some more. I think I have most of my school stuff out of boxes and it has filled up an entire bookshelf. One shelf of "classroom library" books (actually its two books deep on half the shelf). One shelf is all my resource notebooks from various classes. And the last shelf is books, spirals, and other various school related things. I feel like I accomplished something with getting all that stuff put away but I still don't even know where to begin on the other parts of my week. Hopefully I can finish it this week, especially since I probably won't have a car at some point this week while it gets fixed! Oh and to add to that my brother's car got a flat tire a couple days ago so it is running on the spare until we can get it in for a new tire. I'm just waiting for my parents and sister's cars to break too! But during the week its just my brother and I while everyone else is at school/ work, and neither one of us have cars- wonderful!! Actually my break light is tapped up so I'm still driving it around until it needs to go in to get fixed hahaha.

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