Friday, May 29, 2009

Clean Car

I got my car back yesterday!! It looks awesome! Not only did they fix put in a new tail light they fixed the entire bumper- even though there were some other scratches from other times that they said they would not be able to fix because they weren't caused by the hit and run. And not only did they fix everything they cleaned everything!! The inside of my car was super super dirty and they cleaned out everything and vacuumed up all the dirt and dog hair! It looks awesome, and now that it is actually clean I feel like I can keep it clean!

Before I went to pick up my car I made a tuna sandwich for lunch. The tuna mixture was made with a can of tuna, a couple teaspoons of mayo, green onions, and dill. I put it on the sandwich and then realized I forgot to add mustard into the mixture so I dabbed a little on top. I put just a tiny bit of mustard into my tuna for that extra kick, but I'm not a huge mustard fan so not too much!
Once I got back from getting my car I made a Not So Green Monster. We were out of bananas so I used some fresh strawberries that we picked up in Ohio. The strawberries are okay, they aren't as good as some of the other fresh strawberries we had while we were up in Ohio. I also added some orange juice into it which was a really yummy combo that I'm going to have to use again. So this Not So Green Monster had some strawberry non greek yogurt, orange juice, strawberries, and of course spinach!
Then for dinner we had some frozen Stoffers manicotti along with some frozen snap peas. It was a frozen dinner- enough said. Now that I'm back from Ohio I can go to the store and get some real food!
Then for dessert some Coconut So Delicious coconut milk ice cream! I had never had the straight up coconut flavor and it was just as delicious as all the others! I think the cookie dough flavor is still my favorite though. My mom said that they needed an ice cream bar with this flavor inside instead of the vanilla and dark chocolate on the outside and the it could be like a Mounds bar! And I agree that would be delicious!
Then last night I slept wonderfully because it was raining! This morning I woke up and had a Kashi waffle covered with some vanilla Chobini and fresh strawberries! It was delicious!
I'm so excited because my sister and I are going to Wegmans for lunch! yay! I haven't been to Wegmans since I've been back from Richmond. I'm going to go make a grocery list so that I can have some things to cook this weekend and next week so we don't have to eat any more of these frozen things that always seem to make their way into the freezer when I'm not at home!

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