Monday, May 4, 2009

I love me some Casa!!!

So yesterday I went to get coffee with Ashlee. We went to Crossroads which is this cute little coffee shop practically on campus. I got a vanilla chai latte and holy cow it was delicious! The only time I had ever had a chai latte before was from Starbucks and it disappointed me. I think it was partially because I wanted an iced apple chai and they didn't have those at that particular starbucks so I settled on the chai latte and it just wasn't what I wanted at all. I also think it was the addition of the vanilla that made it so amazing! Anyways I hung out and talked with Ashlee for about an hour before she had to head out- she was all done with exams and heading back to Virginia Beach for the summer. After that I started to get sad about leaving. I really don't like Richmond but I'm going to miss all my friends here!

So for dinner I used my last spinach wrap to make a pizza. It had hummus, onions, spinach, mushrooms, asiago, and some white cheddar that I chopped up from a Vermont White Cheddar cheese stick! I also topped it with a little garlic and dried basil. It was good but it was really missing tomatoes but I didn't have any so oh well.Then for dessert a fake samoa cookie- and then maybe another one. And then Megan came home and ate two and now they are all gone haha.
I enjoyed my dinner while watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Then I did the free 20 minute hip opening flow #2 from Yoga Downloads. Wow- I know I have really tight hips but this felt so amazing/ was so painful at the same time. It also really helped me stretch and relax so I could fall right asleep afterwards. This morning when I woke up I am a little sore but it feels so good and I totally plan on doing it again today- maybe doing the power yoga first and then the hip opening one after if I have time tonight!

Today I woke up to a guy attempting to fix our ac. However it is beyond repair and we need another one so we have to talk to our landlord and then I guess order one. Probably I will be all moved out before they get the ac fixed! Good thing its not too hot today but it is super humid because it keeps randomly raining!

Megan and I met up with Emily at Casa Grande for lunch. Casa has been a VCU staple for me throughout my 5 years and its appropriate to end my VCUness with some Casa. It started out as a Maggie, Rachel, and I thing. Then when Emily and I met we discovered that we both had a fondness for it. I would go with "the Emilys" to Casa a lot and then Megan replaced Emily Reijmers and here we are today! I actually got Casaed out last year and Rachel discovered Viva Mexico which was closer so we started going there last semester quite a bit. However Maggie and I went earlier in the semester and now I went today! I feel like I've come full circle haha! Today I opted for the lunch taquitos because I have never had their taquitos before. It came with 2 beef taquitos lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole all on top of mexican rice of course.
And of course the obligatory chips and salsa that come automatically and the queso dip that Emily always gets- the best queso dip ever!!!
Now I've got a couple things to do here and then I'm off to the computer lab to print out my 20 pages of psyc journals that I have to turn in tomorrow. Then I have to present a 2 page paper about recommendations to principals in my Ethics class. Then I will finally be done with one of the most pointless classes I've ever taken. Then Ashley and I are going to dinner! I'm not sure where we are going yet but I'm sure it will be amazing!


  1. YUM!! Your food seriously made me drool! I made homemade samoa cookies too - don't they rock. Hmmmm, fake ones, now I am curious though - are they healthier? :)

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  2. hahaha no they aren't healthier! I just call them fake because they aren't real girl scout cookies they are probably almost the same as the homemade ones you made!


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