Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strawberry Popsicle

So yesterday I decided I really wanted to try slow roasting tomatoes. I found several websites that said put them in the oven between 200 and 250 for 9-12 hours. But after only 4 hours my tomatoes looked like this
I guess I need to use bigger tomatoes next time. Oh well, they weren't awful but they definitely weren't roasted tomatoes. They almost tasted like sundried tomatoes so I kept them to use randomly.

Anyways after my roasted tomato mishap I planted some basil and parsley! I can't wait for them to grow! Hopefully next week they will have little sprouts!

When my mom came home she made some ravioli. I wasn't very hungry and she had put meat in the sauce so I tried to grab a couple and use the spoon to get a little sauce without meat in it. It was nothing spectacular. However the veggies on the side were fabulous, zucchini and mushrooms- two of my favorite veggies!
After diner I took my dog on a walk. I wish it weren't so hot outside because I really wanted to go running but it was entirely too hot outside. When we got back we had a strawberry popsicle for dessert! yumm
Then I read for a while before bed. This morning I woke up and had a Kashi waffle with vanilla chobini and strawberries. It was delicious as usual
Then I laid out by the pool for a while trying to soak up some sun before the storms came! I came in for lunch and made a sandwich. I took some leftover roast from the other night and topped it with some very tiny leftover amount of smoked cheddar but mostly a mexican cheese blend because we have no other cheese. I chopped up a few of the burned roasted tomatoes and mixed them in with a little mayo and added some minced garlic. I put all of it on some soft oatmeal bread and it was pretty delicious, only thing that could have made it better would be some better cheese.
Then I went shopping for some dresses for all of my sister's upcoming graduation festivities and a couple weddings I'm going to later in the summer. I ended up with 2 dresses, one of which is my "teacher dress" that I can wear to student teaching and a pair of shoes for $44. I love Ross! Shopping makes you hungry so I came home and made a Green monster
This was almost the best Green Monster yet (if we had orange juice it would have been even better!) It was the normal banana and spinach, vanilla yogurt, and. . .
. . . a strawberry popsicle instead of ice! It was pretty much amazing!

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