Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm finally back home! It has been a fun and busy last couple of days! I went to Baltimore on Tuesday with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We walked around the harbor and went to the aquarium. We ate sandwiches before we went into the aquarium and then for dinner we went to the Phillips to Go and ate crabcake sandwiches! They were so delicious- crab cakes are always better in Maryland- lots of crab and little fillers! And it came with utz crab chips. Which are pretty awesome but we never buy because my mom hates bay seasoning! I dipped them in some extra tarter sauce and it was a pretty awesome chip dip for crab chips!
Then yesterday I spent all day shopping at the Hagerstown Outets with my grandma, aunt, and cousin! Between the 4 of us we got quite a lot! My cousin helped show just how much we bought!
My part of all that was stuff from Dress Barn, J Crew, Gap, and Le Gourmet Chef! I forgot to take pictures of the insides of my bags but they were a cute sweater from dress barn (70% off!), shorts and a polo from J Crew (except somehow the polo that I picked up and the one I got in my bag magically changed sizes so my grandma has to go take it back to exchange it for me. I think what happened was when she went to fold it up and put it in the bag there were others on the counter and she picked up the wrong one), 2 shirts and a tank top from gap, and an oven mit that perfectly matches the apron I made a couple years ago (hot pink with black polka dots) from Le Gourmet Chef!
We came home from a long day of shopping for a wonderful crab leg dinner! I stuffed my face full of crab legs!
Now I'm finally back home and exhausted! I slept for forever last night and skipped breakfast this morning. Instead I had some spiced tea since my throat was starting to hurt. Now I'm about to go make some lunch and lay out by the pool! Tomorrow is my sister's graduation and my mom and I will probably be cooking for her grad party on Saturday all day! I hope everyone has a great end of the week!

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