Monday, June 8, 2009

Cake and Pie!

I have to make this a quick post because I'm about to leave! Yesterday's birthday plus other things celebration went very good! I started the day off with some toast and almond butter in the car on the way to church.

After church we came home and I quickly scarfed down some bunny butts (original white cheddar plus tomatoes). I almost forgot to take a picture!
After lunch I got to work on decorating the cake. The night before I got it covered with fondant but the rest of the fondant was too sticky to do anything with so I let it chill in the fridge over night. I learned 2 things about fondant- 1) use a normal traditional recipe- I tried to use a buttercream fondant recipe because my mom kept complaining about how she doesn't like fondant so my priority was to find a good tasting one to change her mind, however it ended up being super greasy and just didn't work very well. 2) make sure you have a long rolling pin- our rolling pin was not long enough to roll the fondant over to drape over the cake, i ended up having to do 2 halves and try to blend the seam together. Even though it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, it was fun and I would definitely do it again with a different fondant recipe!

Pretty soon after I finished the cake my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin showed up. They grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and I had a veggie burger. I tried the Mushroom Lovers Morningstar burger. It was okay, much preferred to the hamburgers, but I like the Portabella Gardenburgers a lot better. On the side were some chips and dip and lots of fruit with a yummy dip that my aunt made (well most of those were eaten while we waited for the burgers to cook and not actually on the side haha)Then after dinner was of course dessert! We brought out my cake and my pretty Key Lime Pie!

I just have to say that this was so awesome! I used the Key Lime Pie VII recipe on Allrecipes and it was so delicious. It is super easy (well after you squeeze all the key lime's it is but you could just buy already squeezed key lime juice I suppose and make it really really easy) and super delicious. It had the perfect amount of tangy tartness and had that melt in your mouth creamy texture. I will for sure be making this again- and probably a lemon form of this since my mom does not like lime.

My grandpa loved both his cake and his pie! And also the homemade ice cream that my mom made for him (which I forgot to take a picture of!)

The cake was really good too! I used the Four Egg Yellow Cake recipe also from AllRecipes which I used in my cookie dough cupcakes too. This is my new go to yellow cake recipe, it is rally good! And I used the chocolate buttercream recipe on the back of the Hershey Cocoa box (which is so delicious) and then used this Rolled Buttercream Fondant recipe which tastes good but is super greasy and not stiff enough to do anything with, which is why everything is flat on the cake because this fondant wouldn't hold its shape!
I collapsed in bed pretty early last night and slept until noon today because I was exhausted! I laid out by the pool for about an hour then came in for lunch. Don't judge but I had a very unhealty lunch of chips and dip (soooooo good but so bad for you!) and spaghettios that my brother warmed up

Then I went back out and laid out by the pool/ sat and read on the steps in the water! Now I'm packing up my stuff and I'm going to head up to my grandparent's house for the next couple of days. Tomorrow we are going to go to Baltimore and see the aquarium and the Harbor! I'm so excited because I've never been to Baltimore- we always go to DC to do anything but Baltimore is not that much further away! And then on Wednesday we are going to the Hagerstown outlets, which are right by my grandparents house to go shopping! I'm bringing my computer but my grandparents do not have wireless internet so I'll only be able to post if I can steal a neighbor's internet!

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