Monday, March 30, 2009


So I've been meaning to update this since last night when we got back to the beach but was too busy working on homework! Now I'm actually procrastinating writing my paper. So Saturday night in OBX we headed over to Duck to go to Sunsets by Fishbones a restaurant on the sound that has sushi that Maggie has always wanted to go to but her family never took her! We ordered 3 rolls of sushi and the brie in croute to split. I can't believe i didn't take a picture because it was so pretty and it was all so yummy! I looked on their website to see if they had any pictures but all I could come up with was this. Not exactly the what we had but you get the picture!
Also why we were there we decided to split a fishbowl drink! hahaha it was too cute to resist and it even came in a souvenir fishbowl! And it was pretty amazing!

Geez Maggie makes more appearances in this blog then me I'm just going to have to start taking more pictures of myself! So that night we had to fix the screen door because her dog put a hole in it! We did a pretty awesome job I bet her dad won't even notice the difference!

The next morning for breakfast I tried one of Maggie's strawberry eggo whole wheat waffles with cream cheese on it. I have to say it was pretty much amazing!
Then for lunch I tried this new asian noodle bowl. I usually eat the Annie Chuns noodle bowls but I thought the soy ginger sounded really good so I tried it. It was okay, there really wasn't a lot of sauce. I think I'll stick with my Annie Chuns. After cleaning out the house for people to start renting it we headed back to Richmond. Once back in Richmond I wasn't really that hungry so I toasted some of that awesome cranberry orange bread! I topped one with almond butter and the other one with some garlic and herb cheese spread that I hijacked from the beach house! (haha we had to take all the food with us or throw it away!)
It was pretty much amazing! I love that bread!! Also Jonathan came over with 3 cookies from Shields Market, he had brought one for him, Megan, and Kylin however Kylin wasn't there so I got her cookie! It was a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter chips. It was soooo delicious! Shield's Market has some yummy cookies, I'll prob stop by and get one before movie night tonight!
So today I woke up and went to my tutoring class. However the class my kid comes from had to go to the library and the teacher told us they were going in ten min but she would let us tutor the kids for 20 and just take them to the library! We usually get 45 minutes with the kids so basically we didn't get to do much today. I came home from tutoring and made a tuna sandwich and had a Vermont Sharp White Cheddar cheese stick on the side! I love Vermont White Cheddar and when Sargento made the special edition cheese slices out of it it was the best thing in the world. Then they stopped making them but I just found these and I'm pretty excited about them!
So during my break between classes I wrote my reflection on today's tutoring and my lesson plan for Wednesday and then it was time to go to my ethics class. When I got home from that I cooked up a crab stuffed flounder from target. And had an orange along side (another thing grabbed from the beach house haha)
After I ate that I had a chocolate craving so I warmed up a vita-brownie and topped it with yet another beach house steal- whipped cream hahaha.
Now I'm getting ready to head over to Jonathan and Lars apartment for movie night! Last semester we had movie night every Tuesday. This semester everyone's schedules changed and we really haven't been able to do it at all. So we are calling tonight movie night back from the dead! hahaha After movie night I'm heading over to Maggie's because our hot water heater is broken!!! So I figured I would go over there so I can shower in the morning! And we are going to go to Whole Foods! I'm pretty excited even though I have no money but hey I have to buy food!

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