Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basketball and Twilight

So my sister got the flu and we postponed the celebration of my dad's birthday until Easter weekend and I stayed in Richmond all weekend at Maggie's house!
So on Thursday VCU played UCLA in the first round of the NCAA tournament. We were all super excited- Maggie, Sara, and I wanted to get tickets but decided we were too poor so Sara planned a last minute party at her house. She made some seriously delicious food and drinks and we ate and ate until we thought we would explode and then we watched the game. It was a great game we all were screaming almost the entire time, however Eric Maynor missed his last shot and we ended up loosing by 1 point! It was so sad, especially since we knew we had Lil Wayne and Obama picking us in their brackets! But the food was so amazing it made up for the sad loss (and listening to hsm3 in the car on the way back to Maggie's after helped put me and Maggie in a better mood too).
VCU colored brownies!!!
They were dark chocolate raspberry brownies with white chocolate yum!
And the drink of the night- Black Gold margaritas!
They were pineapple margaritas with black raspberry!
yay VCU colored drinks haha!
If you look really close you can see VCU in the foam! hahaha i tried
Fried green beans (and yellow ones!!) with the most delicious dill dip!
Maggie thought they were yummy too (sorry Maggie this is a pretty bad pic hahaha)
Sara also made corndogs from scratch! They were really good! And so was the dip she made for that too!
So the next day Jess came down so I hung out with Jess and Maggie during the weekend. Then at midnight Maggie and I went to Wal-Mart to get Twilight! yayyyy! By the time we got back and got around to watching it it was super late. I made it about halfway through the movie before I went to bed around 3. So Saturday rolled around and Maggie and I hung out around the house waiting for Jess to wake up. She works nights so her schedule is totally the opposite of ours. So when 6 o'clock rolled around and we were hungry we decided to go really fast to get some sushi to go because we knew Jess wouldn't like sushi anyways! We tried out Mai Sushi in the Village shopping center by her house and we decided it was better than Akida our previous favorite sushi place in the Fan. I got a philly roll and a tiger roll- which was kind of like a california roll with salmon and avocado on top. oh my gosh this was the best salmon i have ever had in sushi! It was all smokey and soooooo delicious. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. And it was cheap too. I'll prob get some more on Wednesday when I'm back out at Maggie's for Lost. And maybe Thursday too before Grey's! hahaha yes it was that good

We ended up staying up really late playing sing star and rock band with Jess and her friends so once again I slept in really late today! When I woke up at like 1 I had some fage with honey and then later snacked on some hummus. Then when I left Maggie's at like 4 I was starving so I went to Arby's, where we had gone the other night and I saw these awesome things after I had already ordered. So I got the turkey, apple, and brie sandwich and the strawberry and arugula salad with goat cheese!!!! yum, yum, yum, and more yum. I don't usually like turkey but I decided to try this sandwich anyways and it was really good because the apple and brie really balanced out the turkey! it was so good!!!

So the rest of today I've been working on homework and laying in bed because I have a headache. Now I'm watching Desperate Housewives and then Brothers and Sisters and probably going straight to bed because I have to wake up early to tutor tomorrow morning and my sleep schedule is all sorts of crazy from this weekend!


  1. omigosh that is a terrible picture. why did you even take it lol.

  2. I didnt even notice that you took pictures of me pouring the drinks. You can totally see the VCU in the foam. Thanks for documenting my snacks.... to bad I forgot the spinach artichoke dip : (


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