Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cranberry Orange Bread!

Yay its the weekend for me! I don't know what I will do in the fall when I'm student teaching and have to be there all day every day! It is not going to be pleasant! So yesterday I went to target before my classes to pick up somethings for tutoring and while I was there I picked up some food too. I got this awesome cranberry orange bread, I think it was Pepperidge Farm Fruit and Nut along with some target brand yogurt haha. I have to admit I wasn't really expecting much out of this yogurt, I got it because it was super cheap and it had fun flavors but I really only like greek yogurt because I don't like thin yogurt. I tried it before I headed to my classes and it was surprisingly thick- not as thick as greek yogurt but I was still pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah and it tasted pretty good. I tried the key lime one but I'm pretty excited to try the strawberry cheesecake one too.

So anyways I have class on Tuesday from 4-6:40 and then a 7-9:40 so I have to bring dinner with me. So I made an almond butter sandwich with this awesome bread! It was so good and this will probably be my dinner next Tuesday as well!

So today for lunch I had to bust out that bread again because it was so awesome! I made a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar and goat cheese and it was perfect! I also think this bread would be really good with a turkey, apple, and brie sandwich like I got from Arby's the other day.

Now I'm sitting eating dinner. A bowl of the salmon chowder from a couple weeks ago. My mom froze up all the leftover and I took most of them back to Richmond with me after spring break and I've been eating it quite a bit lately.
So once Maggie is out of class I'm heading over to her house to watch Lost! Then tomorrow after her class we are heading down to her beach house in the Outerbanks for the weekend (finally!!) We don't really have plans other than relax and if it doesn't rain then go to the beach but obx has the best food ever so I'll be sure to document it all!!!! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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