Thursday, March 5, 2009


So I'm trying to make up for my slacking last week by doing all sorts of exciting stuff this week- like going to Whole Foods for my first time ever!!!! But that will come later! As I was uploading my pictures from that adventure I came across my lunch from a couple days ago that I forgot to put up here! It was a pretty amazing pasta with the sundried tomato pesto from the pizza last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?), mushrooms, and goat cheese. It was pretty amazing.
So anyways we just happened to have some croissants hanging around my house (I guess my mom got them at Costco to go with the shrimp salad thats in the fridge?). My sister takes the croissants and made us all chocolate croissants! I think she hollowed out a spot in the middle? And then she melted chocoalte and put it in the middle and drizzled more on top. She put different chocolate in all of ours because we all prefer different kinds! Mine had semi sweet and white chocolate.Alicia eating hers! (yes we are sisters even though we look nothing alike)I tried to break mine in half so you could see the inside and didn't feel like getting up to get a knife.So this morning I made sure to get breakfast because Rachel and I were going to go get mani/pedis before going to Whole Foods for lunch and groceries! So I had some Chobini and when I opened the fridge I saw these rasberry preserves from Giant so I decided to put that in too! And I put the very end of the berry granolla, it was pretty good but kind of sweet because it was honey- not plain greek yogurt. Anyways those rasberry preserves will definitly be going in the plain fage I bought at Whole Foods for breakfast tomorrow!
So then Rachel and I went and got manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow waxes at Angelic Nails in Haymarket and it was wonderful! I hadn't had a pedicure since the summer and my nails were so gross and I needed them to be beautiful for the 80 degree flip flop Florida weather!!! After that we drove out to Fairfax to go to Whole Foods!!!! I was so excited because I had never been to a Whole Foods before. So first we went and looked at all the amazing choices we had for lunch! I finally narrowed it down to pizza, but I had to get 2 because it was like 2 slices for like $5.50 and I couldn't decide between the spinach and ricotta or the mushroom and shallots! So I got a slice of both!
I have to say that I liked the mushroom one the best, the ricotta one was good but I think that the my mouth thought the ricotta would be goat cheese because it looked the same, so even though it was good it would have been better with goat cheese!!! Also to drink I got a Synergy Rasberry which was really yummy! I was drinking it thinking it kind of tasted a little alcoholy and then read the bottle where it said due to fermenting it might contain trace amounts of alochol, under .05 percent. hahaha I thought that was pretty funny.
Rachel got rice, beef stir fry, and some veggies from the hot bar and then a turkey ceaser pannini!
me and my pizza!

So while we are eating we keep seeing these people with like those microphone head pieces coming and talking to people at this other table, I just figured they were going to have a tour because I know they do like group tours. So after we finish we begin grocery shopping and we are getting produce and we look over and see all these cameras. I'm like it must be Emeril!!!! because we saw on their website that Emeril was going to be there sometime this week filming his new show! And then I saw him in the middle of a group of people! It was so cool! And then we were shopping around and I go to walk down the frozen food aisle and there he is blocking the whole aisle with all his camera people!!! This is what it said on Whole Foods website That's right, Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse is back this week! Emeril films his show Emeril Green right here in our store and he is back for another week of filming! This week only during the month of March, Emeril will be filming his show Emeril Green for airing on the Cable Channel Planet Green. Anyway Rachel and I played it cool in the store but once we finished shopping and were in the car we were like ahhh we just saw Emeril!!! So we ran back to my house and unloaded the groceries and started my bread for tonight. Then we ran to Target to get my non Whole Food groceries, like diet mtn dew, sea breeze, and such, Target did not have Diet Mountain Dew OR Sea Breeze so we went to Giant which also did not have Sea Breeze! ahhh so tommraow I will go to Wegmans where I should have just gone in the first place!!!

Anyways for dinner tonight I made Salmon Chowder! I for the most part used this recipie from allrecipes. The bread I made was foccacia using my standard foccaccia recipe! This time I made sundried tomato and onion and it was pretty fabulous!!!
Anyways after dinner I got out some of my fun purchases from Whole Foods!!

More granola, Annies Mac and Cheese (or bunny butts as my sister calls it!), asian noodle balls, almond butter, fage, coconut juice with lime (i also got cocount water and drank it with dinner!), and Vitamuffins!! (those actually came from Target but they were bought today hahaa)
Then as I was putting these away and found more fun things I bought so I had to take another picture!!! The Chobini is from Giant yesterday, and then I got this australian style yogurt? I'm not sure but I'm excited to try it! I got a pink grapefruit and a dark chocolate one! Then a Amy's thai cocount soup and drum roll. . . . . sun dried tomato hummus!!! oh my gosh it sounds so good I can't wait to try it!
I also just realized I forgot to include the Greek style frozen yogurt!!! But I plan on eating it tongiht so I will take a picture then! So as I was putting everything away and getting on my comuter I decided I couldn't wait to try the crunchy almond butter so I busted that open to taste!!
I was definitely not dissapointed! It was everything and more hahaha! Anyways tomorrow I'm going to take my puppy to get her toe nails clipped and then go to Wegmans so I can finally get my sea breeze because I definitly need to be able to pack some of that for Florida!


  1. UGH lets try again! lol

    so, that pasta looks good and you should make it for me!!!! and you know my feelings on the bread, so you should make it onionless and bring that to me too!!!

  2. hahaha next time i will make it without onions for you! it is pretty amazing and its also kind of pink from the sun dried tomatoes!!!


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