Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey!!! I'm sitting here at Maggie's beach house and it is raining! We are having fun anyways even though it is raining! We almost thought that we weren't going to get to come down last night because the key didn't come in the mail like it was suppose to. It turned out okay though because Maggie's mom called the rental agency and got them to leave a key in the drop box for us. So we started on our way, had to turn around and go back because we forgot the wrench we needed to turn the water on, stopped for gas, and then stopped in Newport News for some yummy Sonic! We got to the Outerbanks just in time to miss half of Grey's hahaha.

So this morning we woke up with no food in the house except for a few poptarts leftover from last time her parents were down here. So I had one of those for breakfast and then for lunch we went to Awful Arthurs. I got a cup of yummy lobster and crab bisque and a fried oyster sandwich! Oysters are one of the only fried things that I absolutely can't say no too. I remembered to take a picture of my soup after I had already eaten half of it and then forgot to take a picture of my sandwich!

So after lunch we went to the store to get some food for the rest of the weekend! Then we came back and lounged for a while and then took Maggie's puppy on a walk on the beach in the semi rain! hahaha it wasn't pouring down like it had been earlier but it definitely was still raining. Then we came home and I finished up my paper for my psyc class and then we had dinner! I made some bunny butts (Annie's Mac and Cheese haha)
And Maggie made stir fry! Maggie doesn't have a working stove or oven at her house ( i don't know how she survives!) So she was pretty excited to be cooking!
Corbin was hanging out with us in the kitchen- he probably didn't understand what we were doing because he never gets to see anyone cooking! haha
Now we are watching Twilight with the commentary from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and the director! hahaha It is pretty awesome. And of course with our twilight we made strawberry daiquiris!!!
I don't really know what we are doing for the rest of the weekend! Unfortunately it is raining and it suppose to keep raining for the rest of the weekend! But I remembered my camera cord so I will keep you guys updated!!

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