Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunbutter Review and Aldie Mill

I've had a very busy last couple of days! We drove down to Virginia Beach yesterday to spend the day at the beach with my cousins who have rented a house for the week. I got to hang out with one of my best friends from VCU who lives down there and then I drove up to Richmond where I currently am at Maggie's house. However I also did fun things on Sunday so I think I'm going to just update on that for now and maybe later tonight I'll do a today and yesterday post!

Sunday started off with some apple, beet, carrot, and ginger juice on the way to church.
I also tried a new product, Sunbutter! I got a free sample in the mail and have been meaning to try it but I always think of it after I've slathered almond butter on something. So I put it on a kashi waffle that I ate in the car on the way to church. My feelings on it? Its not my favorite. It definitely has a sunflower seed taste to it, which I like sunflower seeds and all but I just don't think its a great alternative to peanut/ almond butter. It is a little too salty for my tastes, but its not awful. I think I'll stick to my almond butter and PB&Co Mighty Maple Peanut Butter. What can I say, I like to eat my nut butter on waffles, fruit, and other sweeter things.
For lunch I warmed up some leftover Mac and Cheese. Of course it was dried out because thats what happens to leftover pasta, but I sprinkled some goat cheese on top, zapped it in the microwave, and stirred it up so the goat cheese made it all creamy again. It was pretty delicious!
And I couldn't resist a couple cookies for dessert.
After lunch my family headed over to the Aldie Mill, which is a working old historical mill. They still grind up corn and make cornmeal to feed the animals!

I could have told you what all those things were and exactly what they did if I had updated on Sunday but I can't remember now! After the mill we drove a couple miles up to Middleburg and walked around some of the shops up there. I can't believe we live so close to Middleburg and have never been there before. It is adorable. They have lots of cute little restaurants and shops, it reminds me of Carytown in Richmond. We got ice cream cones at an ice cream shop that was owned by the Middleburg Humane Society and the proceeds go to help all the homeless animals. I love it- whats better than ice cream and helping animals!

We got home and I ran off all that ice cream on the treadmill! Dinner somehow escaped my camera because I ate fast in the middle of packing for the beach/ Richmond. I believe I had a tiny half of a pork chop, half a baked potato, and maybe some zucchini? I'm not entirely sure about that!

For dessert later I made something that has been all over the food blog world. Gena's Raw Banana Soft Serve. Let me tell you right now that you should go ahead and put a couple bananas in your freezer because you are going to want to make this. Are you ready for this secret recipe?
Okay go put 2 bananas in your freezer.
Let them freeze.
Take them out and peel them
Put them in the food processor until they get smoothy and creamy and look like soft serve ice cream
Yes it really is that easy. I had about half, which is one banana. Who wouldn't rather eat banana ice cream instead of just a plain old banana. Throw in some chocolate chips and walnuts and you have your own healthy Chunky Monkey ice cream! Okay so go try that and later I'll update about the beach and Richmond!

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