Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bad Food Blogger

I have been a very bad food blogger the last couple of days! I only have one picture from Tuesday, and it is my lunch. I had a Cedarlane Eggplant moussaka. It was pretty good for a frozen dish but not as good as other moussaka I've had before. I think it needed some feta cheese on top to make it better!After lunch I babysat for the rest of the day. When I got home it was just my mom, me, and no food in the house so we went to Qudoba where I got a steak quesadilla. It was pretty delicious and I ate half, and will probably eat the other half for lunch today. After dinner I went with Maggie and Rachel to see My Sister's Keeper. I have to say that I was very very disappointed in this movie! It started out so good, but they cut out the entire character of the guardian ad litem, didn't concentrate hardly at all on the trial, the brother didn't set any fires, and the worst part was they changed the ending- a lot!!! ahhhh it is so frustrating how much they change books when they make them into movies!

Anyways yesterday I tried to make up for the lack of pictures from Tuesday. My day started with a delicious juice of pineapple, peach and cucumber.
Then we waited and waited and waited for my sister to get ready before heading out to lunch at Lion and Bull, the restaurant she works at. I got the Portabella Sandwich which was really good!
And on the side I got the best onion rings ever! They were black and tan onion rings and you could really taste the beer in the background, unlike many other beer battered onion rings. They were so good!
After lunch we headed to Leesburg to shop at the outlets. We had a Cinnabon break when we were about halfway though shopping. There are no Cinnabon's at any of the malls we normally shop at, so when we find Cinnabon we don't turn it down. It was delicious- it reminds me of my childhood, back when Manassas mall was not so ghetto!
After we finished shopping our bags took up quite a bit of space in the back of the car. You can't even see half of the bags that are behind these ones.
And before heading home we stopped at Panera for dinner. I got the strawberry poppyseed salad, which was massive and I only ate about half of it. But it was soooo good!
Now I'm off to do some laundry and find some food. I'm heading to Richmond tomorrow for a wedding this weekend. I'm staying at Maggie's so I'll prob be blogging per usual (which has not been so usual over the summer but maybe once I get back in Richmond I'll be back in my groove!)


  1. Gotta love Cinnabon!

    Look at all those shopping bags!

  2. You should make some homemade is amazing! Is your dog getting cuter?

  3. i did make homemade moussaka once and it was good so I probably will have to make it again!


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