Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stephen and Mandy's Wedding!!!

Well I guess I lied when I said I would blog this weekend. I haven't had time to blog until now! I came down Friday afternoon but Maggie was still at work so I sat outside of her house in the gorgeous weather and got on my computer.
Then we hung out and had dinner (Annie Chuns) eventually headed down to the Byrd to see Land of the Lost. It was funny, not my favorite Will Ferral movie but not my least favorite in between. One of those movies that your glad you saw, maybe would watch again if someone else rented it, but wouldn't buy.

Saturday I woke up and headed over to Grace's to get ready for the wedding. She made me some spaghetti which she said I was not allowed to share the recipe for her homemade sauce on the blog.
Then after we were all ready we headed to the church which was like a few blocks away. All my pictures were super blurry from the ceremony because with the flash they were too dark because we weren't close enough but without the flash they were too blurry! Anyways the reception was out in the West End and it was so pretty and so much fun!

Of course I got a picture of the cake- which was delicious!And also a pictures of the groomscake
And all the food!

My plate! I had some of the tortellini and ravioli, caprese salad and of course some lamb!
And wine of course to go with it
Me and the gorgeous bride!
I'm sad that these turned out so blurry, but by this time my camera battery was dying. They say Stephen and Mandy on the M&M's, it was so cute!
And they had a Just Married golf cart to leave in! It was so cute!
After the wedding I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings with a bunch of old friends but managed not to get any pictures because my camera battery was pretty dead at that point. I took more than enough pictures of the wedding to make up for that.

I don't know what the plan for today is but probably hanging around with Maggie for a little before heading back home. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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