Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strawberry Oikos Review

Well I have been trying to thoroughly enjoy the last few days of summer without stressing out too much about starting student teaching on Monday.  It is really not working, I wanted to spend the last couple days soaking up the sun by the pool but its been cloudy and rainy!  Luckily Thursday wasn’t rainy so we were able to grill some shrimp and asparagus.  I marinated the shrimp in a Basil Shrimp recipe from AllRecipes.  The only thing I did different was use dijon mustard instead of brown and I marinated them for close to 4 hours instead of just one.


My dad is the grill master


My dog of course spends her time out on the deck near the food.


The cat was down by the pool- this is the closest to the pool I have ever seen her!


While the shrimp were cooking we went down and picked some tomatoes



These really aren’t the best tomatoes but we have a bunch right now so we will probably eat them!  Of course being distracted by the tomatoes caused the shrimp to get a tad over cooked- but they were still delicious!  I would definitely use this recipe again.


Dessert was suppose to be a triple berry pie from Wegman’s but somehow I picked up a blueberry pie instead.  Oh well it was still good!


Breakfast yesterday was of course some Oikos courtesy of the awesome people at Stonyfield.  I busted out the strawberry one to try first.


I like that it is the fruit on the bottom kind of yogurt.



My opinion?  I love it!  The yogurt itself has a great taste to it, and I think I could even eat the plain kind actually plain without adding honey or fruit preserves to it.  But the strawberries are good too!  The thickness is kind of in between Chobini and Fage and I kind of wonder if the plain or vanilla would be thicker because it doesn’t have the fruit on the bottom.  I think I will bust out the plain one next so I can see.  The downside to the Oikos- they don’t carry it at Gaint which is the closest grocery store to my house.  I love Wegmans but I find myself at Giant most of the time just because it is super close and that is where we go to grab something real quick- which seems to be most of our grocery shopping.  Giant does have Chobini and Fage so I will probably still buy those most of the time unless Giant starts carrying Oikos.  Also in grocery store related news- my school that I am student teaching at is super close to Whole Foods so I might end up stopping by there on the way home to pick up some groceries so I suppose I might get some Oikos from there too!

On to lunch!  It was just some leftover pasta from the other night that I ate while frantically trying to finish the Time Travelers Wife.


Then I continued my lazy day with a cup of spiced tea (it is a blend of instant tea, lemonaid mix, tang, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves that my mom makes) which I drank while taking a fabulous bubble bath.


Dinner was another Rachael Ray recipe- Butternut Bowties.  I saw her making this on her talk show the other day and knew I had to try it.  It turned out pretty amazingly!  I love butternut squash ravioli and this was kind of like that but much easier than making your own ravioli!

P8280015 P8280016

For dessert we headed over to Chilis.  I ordered a white chocolate lava cake that I had high expectations for, it was suppose to be a white chocolate molten cake covered with a berry sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  What I got was a mini bundt cake filled with white chocolate sauce topped with vanilla ice cream so it looked like a molten cake with the tiniest drizzle of strawberry sauce around the side.  I was highly dissapointed.  (I also forgot my camera so this is a crappy cell phone picture)


I slept in today and skipped breakfast- I am going to die next week having to get up between 6 and 7 every day.  For lunch I had some leftover butternut bowties with some added goat cheese.  Basically whenever I have leftover pasta that gets dried out I just add some goat cheese because it melts in and makes the pasta creamy again!


Tonight I am babysitting- I wish I hadn’t said I would babysit on my last Saturday night before student teaching because I really wanted to go out and see the Time Travelers Wife since I finally finished the book- but I need the money and maybe I can convince my mom to go tomorrow afternoon to see it with me!  Also you might have noticed that the entries are formatted a little differently- that is because I am now using Windows Live Writer.  I’ve played with a couple different ways to try to do tags and I was just about to give up but I think I figured out how to do them!  If anyone else uses Windows Live and has any other suggestions for me let me know- I especially want to know if there is a way to center all the pictures.

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