Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Wedding Season

Well as you have noticed all summer I’ve been running back and forth between Haymarket and Richmond for various things, including lots of weddings!  I’m about to head home from the last wedding of the summer and this is my last trip to Richmond in the immediate future (not counting having to come down for a student teaching orientation because thats just for a couple hours).  Its sad that I don’t have any immediate plans to see my friends down here, they will just have to come up and visit me!

Anyways- Thursday night I headed over to Sara’s for dinner and Project Runway!

Sara made a hummus kind of dip made from edamame


And a spinach dip in endive leaves


And the most amazing tarts ever- puff pastry, parmesan, onions, goat cheese, tomatoes, basil, and more parmesan!  They were so delicious!



And of course it isn’t dinner at Sara’s without a cocktail!  Limoncello, sparkling water, blueberries, and mint leaves!  Yummy!



Everything together!


And a roasted artichoke salad!


Sara with all her delicious food!


After dinner we started watching 3 hours of Project Runway!  It was pretty fierce- I loved the All Star one and I’m glad that Daniel V won- he was always one of my favorites!  And I love all the new people on this new season, I was way impressed by all their first designs!


Friday there was mass thunderstorms, so besides a quick run back to campus to pick up a copy of my graduation application that my undergrad advisor had messed up and had to fix I mostly lounged around Maggie’s house with Corbin while she was roadtripping it down to Charlotte to see the Jonas Brothers.

For lunch I had a new Bunny Butts item!  Annie’s Cheesy Ravioli, I was pretty impressed with this and would buy it again!  Its like Chef Boyardee meets Spaghettios.  Its a cheese ravioli with a spaghettio like tomato sauce.  Yes I am a kid at heart- thats why I am going to teach elementary school.



I also snacked on some Haagen Dazs Brown Sugar ice cream- aka the most addicting ice cream ever.  The best thing about this ice cream is that it has only 5 ingredients and they are all straight forward things you would expect in ice cream- nothing sketchy about it.



Dinner was an Annie Chun’s Noodle Bowl- I didn’t bother taking a picture because I’m sure everyone knows what they look like by now.  I pretty much live off them when I come down to Richmond because the only way to cook things here at Maggie’s is in the microwave!

Saturday was Amy and Nathan’s wedding!  Amy is one of my friends from VCU and Nathan is one of my best friend- Ashley’s- brother.  In the five years I’ve known Ashley she has been forever trying to marry off her brother to one of her friends and it finally happened!  yay!


Of course I took pictures of the food- here are the hors d'oeuvres we had while the bridal party was taking pictures in between the ceremony and the reception.  The marinated mushrooms were probably my favorite!


Here was the food at the reception- my favorite thing was they had a make your own pasta thing set up.  In front of the pasta they had set up basil, mushrooms, and various other things that I can’t remember, that you could add into your pasta!  It was super cute!  Also they had chicken which looked like it would probably have been pretty good if you liked chicken.


And there was lots of catching up to do with old roomies and friends! 

Me and Kylin!


Ashley, Me, and Courtney! (Ashley is the groom’s sister who succeeded in marrying him off to one of her friends!)


I already miss these ladies!

And what would the wedding be without the cake-


We started off with a tiny piece of chocolate cake


Then noticed that they were cutting another layer that was strawberry so we may have sent Carlos (Courtney’s boyfriend) up to get us some strawberry to try.  The strawberry was definitely my favorite, I always forget how much I love strawberry cake!


After the wedding Maggie and I went to hang out with Sara because she was pet sitting!


I want a puggle!  This was probably one of the cutest dogs I  have ever seen.  After hanging out with Sara and the dogs (there were 2 others) for a while Maggie and I headed to the mall to get some food.  Maggie wanted the cheap chinese mall food but they were closing so there wasn’t anything left.  I wanted a parmesan pretzel because I really wasn’t that hungry from all the food I ate at the wedding but I felt like I needed something.  However they were closing too and they couldn’t make me a parmesan pretzel so I had to settle on an already make cinnamon sugar one.


Then Maggie and I proceeded to have a Zac Efron night watching 17 Again and then High School Musical 3.  It was pretty fantastic.  Now I’m about to go have another Annie Chun’s noodle bowl and then head back to Haymarket.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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