Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to Richmond

This morning I woke up to snow!!!! I was pretty excited but by the time church was over the snow had stopped! :( I'm sure my kitty was happy though, she did not like being out in the snow this morning! But she refused to come inside, so she was left out in the snow while we all went to church!
So anyways I am now back in Richmond watching NCIS and gathering everything I need to tutor my first grader tomorrow morning. I brought back tons of leftovers and food from home (like always) which means I don't have to spend money on groceries this week but also means that I probably won't update here because everything I'm eating you already saw pictures of when it was first made and who wants to see pictures of leftovers!

So last night for dinner I made pizza! Some people think that I don't like pizza, but I really just hate boring chain pizza like Dominos or whatever. I love pizza with lots of fun cheeses and other things not found on your typical americanized pizza. So I bought premade pizza crusts and made 3 pizzas. . .
One for my sister who likes the boring americanized pizza- just a little sauce, there is some fresh mozzarella along with your normal grated mozzarella, cheddar,monterey jack, and pepperonis on half.
One the way I like it with pesto (this time I tried sun dried tomato pesto which was really good but I think I prefer regular basil pesto on my pizza), fresh mozzarella, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, and goat cheese!!! I was so excited to eat it I forgot to take a picture before I sliced it up!
And the last pizza was for my mom who wanted normal pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella and shredded mozzarella, a tiny bit of cheddar, tomatoes, green peppers, shiitake mushrooms, pineapple, pepperoni and I think thats it? There was so much stuff on her pizza that it was really hard to cut!
My dad always eats a little bit of my pizza and a little bit of my mom's pizza. And if my brother is home he eats some of my sisters and some of my moms, but he was not home this weekend so no worries! So after dinner my sister went over to her friends to have a double date with Ben and Jerry and watch chick flicks! Totally not fair. I searched the house over and all though it is not the same as Ben and Jerry's I settled on hot chocolate and samoas- the best girl scout cookie ever! Actually I just realized I did not bring any of those back to Richmond with me and I am quite sad!!! The girl scout cookie orders are just coming in but they aren't selling them outside the grocery stores or anywhere yet!
So this morning as you already know I woke up to snow!! I then made a mini cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese to eat in the car on the way to church!After church we went to the newly opened Mimis Cafe in Gainesville. I don't know how long its been open but its already the place to go for lunch after church! It was super crowded but they had a table with nutmeg oat bread and coffee. I didn't think the bread looked very good but I was actually pretty surprised and it was pretty good!When we got seated and saw the menu it was just too hard to decide what to get! I had decided on getting lunch and not breakfast and had narrowed it down to a couple things but then for some reason I decided to look and see what kind of things they had on the breakfast menu. That was a mistake because everything looked so good! I actually ended up getting breakfast because they had a Tuscan Vegetable omelet, that had spinach artichoke sundried tomato dip inside the omelet and diced tomatoes and feta on top. I also opted for the fresh fruit instead of the potatoes thinking it would be a little bowl of fruit but it really was fresh fruit! A huge chunk of pineapple- my favorite fruit in the entire world!!!!, honeydew, a piece of an orange, and some grapes. It also came with your choice of a muffin that they brought out before your meal like they would with a salad for your lunch or dinner. I got a banana chocolate chip muffin. They brought it out and it was huge. I picked it up and it was also heavy!!! I cut it up and gave 1/4 to my sister 1/4 to my mom and then ate the other half. It was super delicious but it filled me up so much that I only ate half of my omelet. I don't know how anyone could eat that entire muffin and then an entire meal. Those muffins were so huge they were a meal in themselves. Anyway my omelet was super delicious and so was all the fruit it came with! I definitely want to go back some other time and try their actual food because their menu looked so good. My mom was the only one who got not breakfast and she got this huge sandwich that I think had chicken or some other thing that I don't like on it but their sandwiches in general looked really good! (yes I did just say I don't like chicken, I know I'm weird haha).

Again I was so eager to dig in I forgot to take a picture until I was done eating haha so these are my leftovers that I can eat tomorrow! So like I said this week I probably won't update much, nothing exciting is going on during the week except that Twilight is still playing at the Byrd this week so hopefully I will be able to go see it again!! In case you haven't noticed I am pretty much in love with all things Twilight. Also Maggie and I may or may not be going to the Outerbanks this weekend to hang out at her new beach house but I'm sure I'll make some sort of update, even if its one about boring leftovers before that!!

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  1. I am right there with you on the pizzas though I will totally indulge on Ukrops hand tossed pizza with cheese and pepperoni any-day! However your pizza you made for yourself is what I would prefer and am jealous you ate and I didn't! YUM!


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