Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day and more!!!

So I love to cook and everytime I'm at home in Haymarket I think that I should start a food blog to show the world all the awesomeness that I cook when I'm at home cooking for my family. The problem is that when I'm in Richmond at school I have no money to buy fun things to cook and not a lot of time to cook things! But I decided that I didn't care so I figured what a better time to kick off my blog then the weekend after Valentines Day!

I have to admit that I did not make that amazing dessert pictured below or any of the food but Sara did an amazing job making appetizers, dinner, dessert, snacks, and cocktails for her Valentines party!!!So this amazingness was dark chocolate brownies with ghiridelli chocolate chips cut into hearts then topped with whipped cream with rasberry extract and a heart made of royal icing! It was pretty much my favorite thing of the night!

So after Sara's party I went back to Maggie's with Jess and Monica and slept there and proceeded to spend half of Sunday hanging out at Maggies. I ate my delisious cheescake factory leftovers which are not pictured because I ate them before I thought about it!!! But it was leftover spaghetti with a garlic sauce and mushrooms, asparagus, and roasted tomatoes. And then of course I had some leftover cheescake because what would a trip to the Cheescake factory be without cheescake! I tried a slice that had a chocoalte coconut macaroon crust and coconut cream cheescake. The actual cheescake part was only okay but the crust more then made up for it and I probably would have eaten just that and been completly happy.

Then later that night Maggie and I went to the TT Lounge which is my new favorite place for some Boba tea! I am almost ashamed to admit that I've been there 3 times since Thursday. On Thursday I had my first boba experience with a coconut milk tea. I was immediatly hooked and went back on Saturday to try a pineapple slush which was also amazing. Sunday I got a peach slush and Maggie and I took our boba to the Byrd to go see Twilight! It was the first time I had seen it since reading midnight sun and it was even better then the first 2 times I saw it ahahaha. Anyways Edward Cullen made a great end to a great weekend.

Today I didn't have my tutoring class because Henrico didn't have school because it was Presidents Day- so I got to sleep in!!!!!! Basically I did homework all day and cooked some mac and cheese for lunch because I need to use up my milk before it goes bad! I made it with mushrooms and onions and garlic and cheddar cheese and it was fabulous. I also ate the leftovers for dinner so yeah not very exciting.

So since I had no pictures of anything I cooked this weekend I will leave you with fun things that I've made in the past so you can look forward to something!!!

italian cheese and carmalized onion foccacia

This year for Christmas instead of making a birthday cake for Jesus I made red velvet cake balls dipped in chocolate!!! they were pretty good and I think there might be more still in my freezer that I might bust out when I go home this weekend!So finally a peanut butter kiss cookie snowman. I'm pretty sure this was made one summer when my sister and I decided we wanted Christmas cookies so I made one into a snowman hahaha.

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